Climate consensus crumbles

It’s been a bad few days for Warmists. The Mail reports record ice cover in the Arctic. We’re hearing of serious ice and snow problems in South America. Tony Abbott has been elected Prime Minister in Australia on an anti-Warmist ticket, and his first executive action has been to instruct officials to draw up plans to scrap the Australian carbon tax.
But better yet, we seem to be seeing a belated dawning of sanity even in Brussels – where the EU’s lunatic green policies started.  Two Commissioners, Tajani (Industry) and Oettinger (Energy) have publicly recognised the huge damage that our quixotic and unilateral climate policies are doing. 
Tajani says that our policies are pushing energy prices to “untenable levels”.  He speaks of an “industrial massacre” in Europe.  We in UKIP welcome their new mood – but what took them so long?  We’ve been pointing this out for years.
We’re now asking UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey whether he’s going to listen to this unexpected common sense from Tajani and Oettinger, or whether he’s going to press ahead blindly with his scorched earth policy of “industrial massacre”.
 Roger Helmer MEP
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    Scottish Borders Sunday morning 08/09/13 2.01 degrees Celsius and frosty. However, temperature rose to a pleasant 19.1c which was quite forgiving.

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