China accuses Israel of lying in order to foment war in the Middle East

China Accuses Israel of being Behind U.S. lies of Syria and the Iraq War

I have put information up about China saying that the U.S. is lying about Syria, previously. 

Now, they are not just proclaiming the U.S. is lying along with the U.K about Syria and the ‘proof’ that Assad committed the chemical attack against it’s people on the 21st of August.  They are saying Israel is behind both the Syria lies and they were behind the WMD lies of Iraq.  They are accusing Israel of wanting war in the Middle East.

I had never seen China point the finger at Israel for any of it before.  This is a major accusation in my opinion.   It seems that they have had enough with the lies and war, as they know the real prize for Israel is Iran.  China does a lot of business with Iran and they appear to be protecting Iran by outright saying Israel is behind it all.

They also say in the article that the U.S. and U.K. have lost all of their credibility now.  They imply Israel is behind what the governments are doing.  That means we do not have a government of the U.S., we have a government of and for Israel, that backs them up first and foremost.  That also means Israel has no qualms along with the U.S. government allowing our military to die for lies, so Israel gets what they want.

Here is a video of the article and information:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    2 muslin Doctors have now had their wifes and kids killed in a house fire.
    One Harlow,one Leicester and they were both working abroad on the Irish mainland, one Belfast, one Dublin.

  2. Anonymous says:

    china blames israel ?
    i thought someone said it was the jesuits behind all wars ?

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