Cameron replays WW2 as his justification for butchering Syrians. The old tricks don’t work any more.

‘Learn from the Holocaust evil to protect Syria,’ says David Cameron

THE world may yet feel “shame” at not taking further action in Syria, David Cameron warned as he launched a bid to ensure a fitting British memorial to the Nazi Holocaust.

The Prime Minister defended his support for military action against Bashar Al Assad’s regime in a speech at a dinner in London to mark the 25th anniversary of the Holocaust Educational Trust.
He told the Dorchester hotel dinner that one of the main lessons of the Holocaust was that of not standing by. He said: “With me as Prime Minister, Britain will never stand by”.
But he said a resurgence in anti-Semitism in parts of Europe made it more important than ever to ensure future generations were kept aware of the mass killings by Hitler.
It was “sickening”, Mr Cameron said, that some still denied the Holocaust happened, excused it or played down its horror.
“We need to stand up to all of this. Anti-Semitism is not just an assault on the Jewish people – it is an assault on humanity,” he said.
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7 Responses to “Cameron replays WW2 as his justification for butchering Syrians. The old tricks don’t work any more.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whether you accept the holocaust as fact or fiction is immaterial. What is in the past remains in the past and cannot be changed. Cameron is yet another disgusting example of an illuminati muppet quisling. He pontificates about “human rights” and the need and responsibility to protect same and yet he and everyone else stood by while Israel used white phosphorous on civilians time after time with obvious impunity!! The audacity with which these people address “we the People” is incredible but i can see changes everywhere from Moscow to Rio, from London and Bombay to Damascus and Tehran…..people have already woken up and be assured the newly awake giant representing sane, normal people everywhere is growing in strength and wil be heard accross the globe. We can only ensure that from this point in time WMD are removed from EVERY nation holding them including the UK, USA, and Israel. The USA has used more chemical weapons than any other country and via chemtrailing, and toxic agricultural and pharma products, to say nothing of toxin laced foods, means that the USA along with other western nations and israel are the biggest criminal entities in history and MUST be brought to justice and prevented by the international community of ever holding such awesome power/weaponry and be prevented from perpetrating such destructive intent/practices as we have witnessed for so long, because history and current events PROVE that great power gifted to evil, corrupt and incompetent men is extremely dangerous and potentially terminally destructive. When will Israel ever be sanctioned for using white phosphorous on civilians before, during and after operation Cast Lead? When will israel be given “red lines” within which they must dismantle the largest concentration camp ever seen which has subjugated and imprisoned the entire Palestinian people for decades? reiverdave

  2. Anonymous says:

    No surprise.

    Crypto-Jew/Friend of Israel Cameron, would come out with a comment like ”’Learn from the Holocaust evil to protect Syria”.

    Does he not realise that nobody wants any more wars at the behest of his Jewish handlers?

    With each day, it’s becoming more and more obvious who the real terrorists are.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not just the red cross
    but the RAMC ( royal army medical corps )
    The catholic church who had preists actually inside the camps, ( bishop williamson went through the letters sent from the camps in the vatican library so he knows what hes talking about )
    the british labour party documents
    as the comunist party had links to british sympathisers and the russian front lines
    Soviet whistleblower evidence from the files
    Dimitry Kaganov has said if israel attacks syria or iran the files will be released blowing the whole holocaust hoax to the heavens

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you have to imprison those who say it never happened,then obviously it didn’t happen.
    You imprison them to silence them and anyone else who may tell the truth.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cameron should know it’s Zionists like him and his family that we hate.
    Zionists are not a religion or race so I think it’s OK to hate them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    While I agree with the comments of anonymous at 10.24 am it will most likely be a demand of the N.W.O.

    “from this point in time WMD are removed from EVERY nation holding them including the UK, USA, and Israel”

    following the coming destruction of 1/3 of mankind.


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