Cameron knew of plot to kill Diana

“Unlawful Killing” directed by Keith Allen by presstv

EXCLUSIVE: How David Cameron knew of Princess Diana ‘murder plot’

DAVID CAMERON and the head of the Army knew the SAS were allegedly responsible for the murder of Princess Diana – but failed to tell police.

Speculation-over-Diana-s-death-continues-GETTY-Speculation over Diana’s death continues [GETTY]
The Prime Minister and General Sir Peter Wall were sent copies of a letter claiming members of the elite regiment killed the princess.
They and Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, who also received the letter, now face being questioned by Scotland Yard over why they did not act and remained silent.
Number 10 and the Ministry of Defence were informed of the alleged crime in February by the wife of a former SAS soldier, the Daily Express can reveal. Scotland Yard is now investigating the murder claims but detectives only learned of the allegations following a complaint by Mohammed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi died alongside Diana.
The wife of the SAS veteran, who can only be identified as Soldier N, wrote to General Wall amid fears that her life was in danger from her husband.
She sent copies to Mr Cameron and Mr Hammond. Also enclosed were copies of a letter sent by her mother to the ­ SAS’s commanding officer in September 2011 which contained the original allegation linking the SAS to the death of Diana.
A key passage in the wife’s letter says her husband threatened to make her “disappear” by tampering with her car.
It is a chilling echo of a note written by Diana’s lawyer Lord Mishcon during a conversation with her in which she predicted her death
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  1. NPP says:

    But Tap, once it goes into The Express it is tagged official conspiracy theory silliness!

    Have you seen the Keith Allen film Unlawful Killing? I have, via a Russian website that lasted for 1-2 days before it was taken down.

    Lauren Booth (Tony Bliar’s sister in law or something like that… )discusses it on Press TV:

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    It’s very heartening to know that Scotland Yard are on the case.Doubtless the malefactors will soon be behind bars if they act with their usual perspicacity and determination,Watson.

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