Blogs featuring Nigel Farage Hitler moustache come in for some harassment

Good Morning Henry, I’m not sure if you are going to receive this but here goes:  I have tried several times to send a comment this morning relating to the Nigel moustache incident but each time I try to enter any text related to The Tap, my browser closes down.  

I have rec’d and sent emails using my business email without incident but even that account closes if I try to send YOU anything.  Now I have sent a lot of posts recently in relation to Syria and have been very critical of Israel & your blog has published many comments critical of Israel and as this has NEVER happened to me before I’m just wondering if an unseen party is at work here to disrupt and prevent any such references to Israel etc ??  Is everything ok at your end?


Hi David,

The comments are all nuts this morning, which means shills.  There are almost no good ones mixed in them, which means sensible people trying to comment can’t get through.

It’s interesting that they’re so bothered.  Farage must be a very big threat which is why so much effort is going into rubbishing him.  Most encouraging.

BBC subliminal froze on screen for a few seconds.  Caught in the act!!!

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