Behind the dictators – A Factual Analysis of the Relationship of Nazi-Fascism and Roman Catholicism

The Jesuits Hate The Orthodox Jews & The Christians, because of THE REFORMATION, I have also explained this, together with The Jesuits Taking Control of The Fiefdom of Britain, & Confiscating The Geneva Bible, which was replaced by the KJV Bible. The Cecils were Jesuit Coadjutors. After which followed many others, The Guy Fawkes Plot, was another one of their Exercises. They never mind getting rid of their own, if they achieve more than they loose q.v. Titanic, & Drogheda Massacre Cromwell was another Jesuit Coadjutor.
It is also doubtful if many are capable of going past the First Page of a Google Search, let alone being capable of Multiple Cross Referencing. I can find anything I am looking for without too much difficulty, so don’t keep telling me I am giving you Half Truths, untill you can do Likewise.
The Jews are made to play a Disproportionate Roll as Globalist Puppets this Catalyses Discontents,  & Generates Anti Semiatism. It should be remembered that the New World Order gathers Pace by Polarising interplay of National  Rivalries. 
I have told you before that Communism, & Nazism are just different sides of the same coin, other systems The Globalists have setup are Socialism Femanism, Libralism, & Neocoservatism, to name but a few. The Frankfurt Committee was instrumental in the inception of some of these. The Purpose of all of them is to Destroy Structured Society. All of these should be considered ZIONIST, or ZIONIST Biased. I have also told you the penultimate aim is to remove all forms of Religion, other than Catholicism, which ties in with the White (Jesuit) Popes, pronouncement about a Universal World Religion.
I then believe The Vatican will then caste off its Religious Cloak of Religious Deceit, & take up it’s True Identification of being The Worlds Greatest Corporation, & Oldest Dynasty, as the Ultimate Aim,  then there would be no Religion which is what The Illuminati’s Ultimate Goal is at which stage there would be a New Word Order Dictatorship, & No Return, they will then Write Off Billions of People as being Expendable.
I will now introduce you to another e- Book, which you can:  Read on Line, or Down Load if you wish.

Behind The Dictators: by  L. H. LEHMANN

A Factual Analysis of the Relationship of
Nazi-Fascism and Roman Catholicism

It’s a long time ago since I have referenced it but I am sure you will find it interesting
So Mote It Be:


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7 Responses to “Behind the dictators – A Factual Analysis of the Relationship of Nazi-Fascism and Roman Catholicism”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Th protocols of the learned elders of zion, has proved absolutely correct, several people who were wise to these plans such as the author of 1984 George Orwell, Lobsang Rampa GK Chesterton Adolf Hitler and many others, were not prophets, they just knew the plan of the zionist elders, the plans were made and are being carried out by jews, no one lese just jews
    those who would muddy the waters such as wasp, who is not a White Anglo Sacon Protestant BTW
    but aa over weight slimy jew
    are here to confuse us.
    FEMA camps are being built first in the USA by israeli companies, for jews to run concentration camps for christians who are not onside with the jews agenda.
    Speak up now before those like wasp take over and cull the people.
    Jim Davis Ohio USA

  2. Tapestry says:

    The Jesuits released the Protocols. It’s pretty obvious the Zionists wouldn’t.

  3. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, quick Comment, then I am going to do some Gardening, I might even cut the grass.

    @- Anon 10.48

    Lobsang Rampa was a Fake.

    George Orwell 1984 Analogous to Nazi Globalist Ideologies c.f. ZIONISTS

    Adolf Hitler, was a Globalist Puppet, Jesuit Fr.s BORMANN, & HIMMLER were the Real Controllers. Both Were Jesuits.

    GK Chesterton, was a FANTASIST Just Like You Are Jim Davis Ohio USA.

    I Am A “WASP” Mate, Like It Or Not, And A Lot More Bloody Intelligent Than You Are.


  4. Anonymous says:

    So mote it be yadda yadda

    I take it that these very organised, not to mention warlike people who descend from Genghis Khans ‘Mongol Hordes just allow themselves to be controlled and manipulated then?

    I have found that people with wealth, such as any Ashkenazi has, as well as the power of unity and co-working dont usually let themselves be used by others, whatever the agenda, and prefer to be the ones doing the controlling.

    The worlds maffias have always been Ashkenazi, cant see them falling in with some religious ideology. Theirs is purely financial.

  5. Anonymous says:

    WASP mate you really are a disinfo merchant par excellence. Albeit a very bad one, as the points of your constant diatribes can be easily dismantled and refuted from the work of ‘real’ researchers. Here’s a couple …

    Dr John Coleman writes,
    “… Robert Cecil of the Jewish Cecil family that had controlled the British monarchy since a Cecil became the private secretary and lover of Queen Elizabeth I …” (Conspirators’ Hierarchy, p. 201).

    According to Archibald Ramsay, in his 1952 book “The Nameless War,” Oliver Cromwell acted as a paid agent of certain Jews who conspired with him to topple King Charles II.

    So Mote It Be:

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lets look at the evidence, and i am half jewish myself
    Jews always use a fake name
    wasp is a fake name

    they aways talk shit abour catholics, and so does wasp

    They always defelct from jew crimes and so does wasp
    If he is genuine lets see him use his real name,
    why does he want to hide it ?
    because he s a fraud and a shitbagging jew
    hes been exposed on truth radio sveral times

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anon 3:58, what is the point of using a real name, Ed Chiarini has made video after video trying to prove real names are real, and proving most of the real names are false.
    Far better to have a blog name.
    Also swearing does not gain you supporters, try and prove what you say by evidence or reference.
    WASP has certainly got up your nose, try a controlled approach for better results.

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