Are Seven Israelis on Syria OPCW Chemical Weapons Team?

The French Anti-Zionist party “Parti Antisioniste” revealed on its website [yet to be confirmed, GR Ed] that the team designated to dismantle the chemical weapons arsenal in Syria includes 7 “Israeli” members.

Quoting sources close to the secretariat of the ‘Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ (OPCW), the report noted that 7 out of 9 “Israeli” experts the organization had contacted agreed to join the team and enter the Syrian territories. It further noted that the 7 experts hold ‘honorary’ nationalities among which are German, Russian, Ukrainian, French and Canadian.
Moreover, the source uncovered that by virtue of the agreement signed between Russia and the United States, the organization can make use of “Israeli” experts despite the fact that Tel Aviv is not a member in the organization. This, according to the sources is viable only if these experts hold other nationalities that allow them entry into Syria’s territories.
In this context, the same source underlined that these were contacted upon direct request made by Head of the investigation committee in Ghouta Scott Krenz, and the Director General of the organization, Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü of Turkey.
Furthermore, the report published by the French Party’s website quoted the source “5 of the “Israeli” experts who agreed to be part of the team are originally researchers in the “Israel” Institute for Biological Research (IIBR); a governmental, applied research institute specializing in the field of researching and developing chemical and biological weapons. As for the other two inspectors, they work in Europe and Canada.”
 Expecting that scandals will unravel soon on the mission of the team designated to dismantle the chemical weapons arsenal in Syria, the source anticipated these scandals will be worse than the Iraqi case when “Israeli” and American experts entered Iraq to gather information for Tel Aviv and Washington. Not only that but also they had contaminated Iraqi arms with prohibited chemical material to accuse the Iraqi government back then of using chemical weapons.
The source recalled that last summer, a number of “Israeli” Mossad members entered the Syrian village of Sfeira North of Aleppo, who were smuggled into the territories by Turkish Security apparatuses through the borders.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    how can anyone trust these people knowing they are israelis ? what a farce

  2. Anonymous says:

    The British government, like the American, is at war with its own electorate.
    Provision is going through to take the children away from dissidents
    and servicemen who disagree with the coming wars on Syria Lebanon N Korea and Iran, stage 2 will be Russia and China.
    The rulings to take away the profits of criminals, could open the doors to confiscate ALL property of dissidents including homes and vehicles
    If you have a voice speak out NOW to stop these wars for zionism

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