America’a Israel lobby demanding Syrian attacks are named and shamed

America’s Israel Lobby Demands “Direct Military Strikes” Against Syria

The objectives should be … to ensure that Assad’s chemical weapons no longer threaten … our allies in the region”

The names of the “experts” seeking a “decisive response” against Syria:
Karl Rove
Senator Joseph I. Lieberman
Ammar Abdulhamid
Ambassador Robert G. Joseph Elliott Abrams
Dr. Robert Kagan
Dr. Fouad Ajami
Lawrence F. Kaplan
Michael Allen
James Kirchick
Dr. Michael Auslin
Irina Krasovskaya
Gary Bauer
Dr. William Kristol
Paul Berman
Bernard-Henri Levy
Max Boot
Dr. Robert J. Lieber
Ellen Bork
Ambassador L. Paul Bremer
Tod Lindberg
Matthew R. J. Brodsky
Mary Beth Long
Dr. Eliot A. Cohen
Dr. Thomas G. Mahnken
Senator Norm Coleman
Dr. Michael Makovsky
Ambassador William Courtney
Ann Marlowe
Seth Cropsey
Clifford D. May
James S. Denton
Dr. Alan Mendoza
Paula A. DeSutter
David A. Merkel
Dr. Larry Diamond
Dr. Joshua Muravchik
Dr. Paula J. Dobriansky
Ambassador Andrew Natsios
Thomas Donnelly
Governor Tim Pawlenty
Dr. Michael Doran
Martin Peretz
Mark Dubowitz
Danielle Pletka
Dr. Colin Dueck
Dr. David Pollock
Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt
Arch Puddington
Ambassador Eric S. Edelman
Douglas J. Feith
Randy Scheunemann
Reuel Marc Gerecht
Dan Senor
Abe Greenwald
Ambassador John Shattuck
Christopher J. Griffin
Lee Smith
John P. Hannah
Henry D. Sokolski
Dr. Jeffrey Herf
James Traub
Peter R. Huessy
Ambassador Mark D. Wallace
Dr. William Inboden
Michael Weiss
Bruce Pitcairn Jackson
Leon Wieseltier
Ash JainKhawla
Yusuf Dr. Kenneth Jensen
Robert Zarate
Allison Johnson
Dr. Radwan Ziadeh

And a reply to them from NPP –

Graham Hancock

Author Grahm Hancock’s latest message (check the Murdoch Genie Energy Cheney note) :

War and more war is not the answer. It can never be the answer.

There are nine days for the American people to make their will known.

President Obama, with an eye to his image, has stated he will seek approval from Congress before implementing his decision — already made apparently — to “punish” Syria with military force. “I have decided that the United States should take military action against Syrian regime targets,” he said, adding a second decision: “I will seek authorization for the use of force from American representatives in Congress.” That process will begin on 9 September, it seems. 

Full story from the Jerusalem Post here:
See also the London Daily Telegraph here:

This is a rather unique situation and represents an opportunity for the American people to make their will known and perhaps change the course of history. The British government, despite the macho gung-ho posturing of Cameron and Hague has already been prevented from launching bombing raids and firing missiles at Syria by the will of the public. Though it seems unlikely, since the President’s party holds the majority and Republican support is probable, the same CAN happen in the US — if members of Congress can be persuaded that public opinion is against such an attack.Then Obama will face a real dilemma. Will he go ahead with the attack anyway, against the will of Congress and the people, or will he call it off? More likely Congress will support the attack but IT IS NOT INEVITABLE.

There is a huge amount of propaganda surrounding this filthy war in Syria and the Western public is being bombarded by news reports focussing on Syrian government atrocities, etc, while these same reports consistently ignore or whitewash rebel atrocities. This can be nothing other than a deliberate media campaign designed to sway public opinion in favour of intervention and, interestingly, one of the world’s leading media barons, Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, Sky, The Times of London, etc) has shareholdings in a company that earlier this year was granted oil-drilling rights on the Golan Heights — sovereign Syrian territory occupied by Israel. Genie Energy, the company granted these rights to exploit the Golan, is advised by former US Vice-President Dick Cheney. Story from Business Insider here:

I accept absolutely that the Syrian government has blood on its hands, as do the various rebel groups sponsored by the West and the Arabian Gulf states to topple the Syrian government. I do not accept for a moment that bombing raids and missile strikes by the US and its new bed-partner France will do a single useful thing to end the atrocities carried out by both sides in Syria. Contrary to the well-funded propaganda, such strikes will not be “surgical”; they will be horrendous. They will only make things worse, and kill more innocent people and drive the whole region further towards catastrophic chaos. I hope and pray that the American public does not permit the US government to plunge the world into such madness and that somehow, through the will of the people, sanity will prevail.

If by some miracle sanity DOES prevail, what next? Undoubtedly this horror in Syria cannot be allowed to continue any longer. I do not know what the solution is. But I am certain, body and soul, that it it NOT to add yet more missiles and yet more bombs to the equation. And I am equally certain that the position on the ground would rapidly improve if all the special interests, whether Western, Russian, Arabian Gulf or other, that are presently fuelling this insane conflict were to withdraw their support from war immediately.

War and more war is not the answer. It can never be the answer.

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