America under threat

Yes, there are very real economic threats that the American people should indeed be monitoring such as the current banking holiday in Panama. At this very moment, the people of Panama cannot access any money in their banking accounts or ATM’s. Account holders are being told they will have access to their money on October 1st. This raises the possibility of it happening here. Additionally, in the US, there is the threat of another major false flag operation coming up in mid-October as there is also a planned bank cyber attack drill scheduled for October 16th-17th and again on the 23rd-24th. We should be concerned because these drills carry all the necessary elements to promulgate a false flag attack upon our banking system. And, of course, many are beginning to pay attention to the false flag potential of Grid-EX II on November 13th. These are all situations in which it is important for everyone to be prepared, but the American people are ignoring a major danger which is growing exponentially right before our eyes.
Look to the Left and Get Hit By a Right
There is an insidious threat to national security which has virtually disappeared from the front pages and that topic is immigration. Congress has not passed important legislation, but that has not stopped the President from continually issuing a series of dictatorial edicts which are increasingly granting amnesty to a rapidly growing number of illegal immigrants. For this illegal alien President, the motto, “inch by inch it is a cinch,” applies to his immigration policy.
Congress hasn’t passed immigration legislation, but that hasn’t stopped President Obama from issuing directives that grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. While Obama waits for Congress to eventually succumb and declare amnesty for all illegal aliens, he is using his executive powers to exclude various groups from deportation.
The Obama administration issued a policy informing immigration agents to try not to arrest and deport illegal immigrant parents of minor children in a move that adds to the categories of people the administration is trying not to deport. ICE has already been forced to release hardened criminals who should have been deported and now they are running free in America. Presently, anyone coming in from our Southern border can gain entrance if they say they fear for their safety because of the drug cartels. This excuse cannot be challenged and acts as a de facto visa to the United States.  
The net effect of Obama’s piecemeal approach to declaring amnesty for all illegal aliens is that the President is legitimizing the efforts of people who are breaking our laws and getting to stay in the country and enjoy many of the benefits supposedly reserved for a citizen.

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