Who are the Jesuits?

Hi Tap, the “BRAIN DEAD” have responded to the earlier Comment, I might give a reply to, but they should read about the Jesuit Expulsions, Many of whom were Crypto Jews, as you know there is a distinct difference, which makes it necessary to differentiate when referring to Them viz Those who Are,& Those Who Applied Identity Theft To A Country viz King Bulan, The Black Nobility etc.

As you know, although my Religious Background of Anglicism was High Church, I do not now subscribe to any Earthly Bound Religious Orders, I therefore believe I can give an unbiased opinion, as I would describe myself as a Theist, but there is a World of Difference between Jesuit Controlled Catholicism & Protestantism. viz The Jesuits where is the logic in calling all non Catholics HERETICS, & why do so many People Believe It. The REFORMATION did more than just encourage people to read the Bible, thus relegating the Pope to the Side Lines – this was the prerequisite to find out even more & lead the way to seek greater Knowledge. ref Opposing GEOCENTRIC & HELIOCENTRIC Theories, This was too much much for The Pope & lead the way to the COUNTER REFORMATION, THE INQUISITION, powered by the JESUIT BACK SEAT DRIVERS. Their cover when fomenting wars & conflict has always been to adopt the Orthodox Jews & Christians as Scape Goats, Their Life’s Ambition Is To DESTROY ALL WHO THEY CONSIDER HERETICS, & return all control to The Pope THE STATE CONTROLLED BY THE CHURCH headed by The Pope Sounds Like NAZI GERMANY UNDER THE CONCORDAT TO ME – What Do Yo Think? The Holocaust was The Culmination, & Their Greatest Triumph in the Elimination of ORTHODOX WORSHIPERS: look back at Archives. 

The Jesuits
Protestantism declines to give the Romish (Church the right to propagate
its doctrines by force ; Jesuitism assumes the right to appeal to
force in carrying out the decrees of the Church.
Protestantism beheves that national law originates with the people
Jesuitism insists that the Pope is the source of law The Protestant
ideal of government is, government by the people for the people ; the
ideal of Jesuitism is government by the Church for the Church.
It is clearly the duty of all lovers of liberty to spread the truth in
regard to the Jesuits, and Rev. Principal Austin has made it possible
to do this by issuing his able, concise, definite, and comprehensive
outline of their work and principles.
Toronto, December 30th, 1889


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i am a lay precher but someone who has studied theology at some depth over the years, and while i do say the jesuits are not without faults through history, i cannot go along with wasps comments, its a sghame because he would do better to just stick to publishing facts, there are many things catholic theologians dont go along with in regards to jesuit beliefs.

  2. wasp says:

    11.11 Thats an interesting Illuminati Number isn’t it!

    They are the facts, read the Many References. What exactly don’t you agree with?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Well spotted WASP.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Watch this – a very good lecture on the history of the Jesuits by James Arrabito:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I think Nick Griffin BNP is one.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was listening to truth radio and they were warning about people working for the jews who try to shift blame for the elders of zion revelations etc.
    several people were named as false prophets among which was the person who hides behind the name “wasp” Tap you have lost so many readers because of this
    nonsence, its time to cut him out now
    david lambert dilambert@live.com

  7. Anonymous says:

    I also heard the truth radio programme, and it gave several other 5th columnists, why just mention wasp ? hes not taken seriously like some like jones icke or makow.

  8. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, Here is a General Response to All of RETARDS who have crawled from under their Stones Recently. Here are a few facts that I have sent you information on before, which many of your new readers might not be conversant with, the references are given by this chap, who has strung it all together, to make light work of a lot of history.


    The “BRAIN DEAD” constantly state that they disagree with old TEXTS & Pdf’s relating to recognised Books written by Experts in their Respective Fields. Whilst many of these relate to alternative Theories & Histories, those who can only just handle the English Language, appear to only be able to make nebulous statements, regarding this Information.

    Several of this particular Species even appeared to dispute the well known fact regarding the opposing Geocentric & Heliocentric Theories w/r/t/ The Vatican.

    I am at a loss as to know why, These Retards, as HETT would say, wish to Broadcast their Ignorance, thus proving their lack of understanding, showing their Intellect to be Seriously Challenged. They are incapable of even putting a short sentence together stating their reasons for the objection, for information they claim to be Incorrect ……. WHY BOTHER?

    A greater response than this would be pointless, & a complete waste of time, as it is unlikely they won’t have the Remotest Idea what it is, all about.

    We should, however, remember not all of us are CAPABLE OF COHERENT THOUGHT PROCESSES, SO WE MUST BE KIND TO THOSE WHO ARE REPRESENTED In (-3σ) Standard Normal Distribution Range, as opposed to Treating Them as Complete Idiots.

    In his book FIFTY YEARS IN THE CHURCH OF ROME, former catholic priest Charles Chiniquy had this to say about the Jesuits: “The Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious order. Their chief is the general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power. Power in the most despotic excercise. Absolute power, universal power, power to control the World by the volition (will) of a single man. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms (dictatorship); and at the same time, the greatest and the most enormous of abuses.” (The most monstrous hurt, injury and damage) “The general of the jesuits insists on being master, sovereign over the sovereign. Wherever the jesuits are admitted they will be masters, cost what it may. Their society is by nature dictatorial, and therefore it is the irreconcilable enemy of all constituted authority. Every act, every crime, however attrocious, is a meritorious work, if committed for the interest of the society of the jesuits, or by the order of its general. page 174, in the book, FIFTY YEARS IN THE CHURCH OF ROME , by Charles Chiniquy.

    By The Same Author, Fifty Years in The Church of Rome Page 102
    “Whensoever the Church of Rome has the power to do it she has persecuted the Protestants to her utmost capacity. She has sent them to jail, she has confiscated their goods, she has sent them into exile, or even put them to death. Before the conquest of Canada by the English, it was forbidden to Protestants to live in that country. They had the choice between gong to gaol or becoming exiles, if they persisted in their Gospel religion. In France, thousands have lost their lives, and have been forced to go and die in exile for becoming Protestants. In a single night, and the four or five months after the St. Bartholomew massacre, seventy-five thousand Protestants were slaughtered in France by the order of the Pope.



    REGARDS ……….. WASP

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