Where in the world are there no chemtrails?

So sad! I am on a small island Langkawi, Malaysia and it would appear that we are not exempt from this mad spraying now either. First time I have really noticed it here. 

Are there any places in the world which are not chemtrailed?   Last year I watched out of the window on a flight to Manila from London.  They seemed to stop after Moscow and I didn’t see any after that.  But since then operations have begun in Southern Thailand called SEACARS.  Weather modification and air adulteration seems to have gone Asia wide.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Live next door to a Rothschild mansion or one of the Royal family abodes.

    No chemtrail fly-zones there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pity that doesn’t hold for the Duchy of Cornwall though. I don’t know what it’s like at other times, or how much it had to do with Glastonbury, but I was in Cornwall the last week of June this year and the trails were thick and visible every single day. Even when it was cloudy, if there was a break in the cloud layer, you could see chemtrails behind it. The good thing was that my companions, who until that week thought I was slightly dippy and a bit paranoid, stopped rolling their eyes and started to take a bit more notice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    have never seen a chemtrail when on holiday in southern turkey,been there 4 times now and not one seen

  4. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps they just get the fallout from drifting.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We are in Suriname. We have not seen one chemtrail over the past few months. The skies are beautiful – just as they used to be in Europe. But last month the government signed an Open Skies agreement with the US government so we are wondering whether things will change.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Spent 2 wks in Sharm el sheik Egypt. Kept my eyes open but there were few aircraft at all except the planes landing at the airport. On a couple of days there was some airtraffic flying over at high altitude and some though not all left trails that slowly expanded over the sky. They didn’t last long, about half hr .

  7. losingmymemorycuzchemtrails says:

    I heard non-NATO countries tend to have less or no chemtrailing. Anyone to verify that? I can tell you here in Orlando, Florida, USA, we are BOMBARDED for about 3-5 days every few weeks then it declines slowly until you don’t see many at all, then WHAM, our skies are covered in poison haze again. One area (not in US), said they were trying to pass a “Clean Air Ordinance” to keep chemtrails out of their skies. Guess that all depends on who you pay off and can you pay more than the entities who are doing it to begin with?

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