Wasp says it’s Jesuits. Kaminski says it’s Jews.

The same page
for John Hoffman
By John Kaminski
A massive conspiracy against humankind has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years. A dark shadow grows larger every day across every area of human endeavor. What everyone once knew was a lie is now legally enforced as the truth.
The Sun that sustains us is now blotted out by thin, artificial clouds as the trees beneath it turn brown. The ice has disappeared from the North Pole, and all across the northland, methane smolders from the melting tundra. The experts say they can’t predict what will happen, but peace and tranquillity are not part of the forecast.
The voices from the electronic media tell you this is paranoia. Occasionally these voices tell you they have drugs that can cure this. Take this pill and all will be well. Those who take them go glassy-eyed, as they sit transfixed in front of their trusted friends on TV.
How does it happen that when nations are destroyed, their leaders always seem to be foreign? In the French revolution the leaders were foreigners, from Italy and Spain and Switzerland. The Bolsheviks were Jews from New York and murdered 66 million Russians. The current American president hails from Kenya, or was it Indonesia? Everyone knows he faked his birth certificate, his college degrees and his entire history. 
He has hired Russian troops to quell dissent in America, which will occur in earnest when enough people realize that the U.S. has already been sold to China.
Warm and friendly people tell me it couldn’t be all Jews. In order to say this, they can’t be talking about the U.S. political scene, which is definitely controlled by all Jews. They’re surely not talking about the U.S. media, which is totally dominated by Jews. They can’t be talking about the universities, or the medical profession, or the lawyers.
And they’re not talking about their own lives.
It’s happening in your hometown right now. A special day to recognize homosexuals in elementary school. The final nail in the destruction of the family. Big Brother is Jewish and he wants to rape your children, just like the rabbis and the priests. 
But you can’t say it out loud because nobody is supposed to know. So everyone pretends it’s not happening. Or worse, that it’s a healthy development. Another lie becomes the legally enforced truth.
You know they teach in school now that Muslim terrorists knocked down those buildings in New York. And that our brave Seal Team 6 went to Pakistan and slaughtered the arch terrorist Osama bin Laden, then dumped his body in the ocean.
Funny how Seal Team 6 was later killed in a helicopter they should never have been in. Turns out they were talking about how none of them knew about the bin Laden script they were supposed to be following, so they had to be silenced lest they ruin Obama’s Osama story, which was written by Jews. The same Jews who have controlled every American president of the 20th century (except the ones they had to kill because they just wouldn’t follow along).
Did anybody die at Aurora, Sandy Hook or Boston? Or were they Hollywood productions? They even announced it in Boston. It was only a drill. But the media ignored it, and it was forgotten. After they butchered his brother, they even replaced Dzokhar Tsarnaev at his arraignment with somebody who wasn’t him. But he’s already guilty of something he didn’t do, so his presence wasn’t necessary. 
Remember, the people of Boston cheered when the government locked them in the own houses, and then came around to frisk them one by one. Another lie applauded as truth, as another preplanned terror drill magically became real.
Oh sure, you get the occasional Catholic reading the news, or the occasional Methodist becoming the mayor of a large city. And you get all these Jews with gentile names in all walks of life, ashamed of their own real names because they reveal the worldwide conspiracy that nobody is supposed to see. That’s why they change them.
But the kosher beast is revealing its fangs now, because it’s too late for anybody to stop them. Their major extermination programs are now in place and thriving. The slave trading weapons making Monsanto family is now in charge of the worldwide food supply, joined by Bill Gates and Ray Kurzweil making even the false information they peddle more difficult to acquire. All Jews, all homicidal, all the time.
And don’t even think about telling me it’s not all Jews. Are you going to risk increasing your already long odds of survival by insisting there is some minuscule fraction of Jews who MIGHT be on our side, and we sure wouldn’t want to hurt them. 
Are you going to risk your life for a few poseurs who, no matter how “progressive” they sound, have never once in their lives talked to a non Jew about the scam of the Holocaust, why Israel can kill children to steal their healthy organs, or why rabbis mandate death for any non Jew who reads the Talmud and tells about the psychotic crimes that are prescribed in it?
Are you willing to risk your life on a Jew telling the truth? Well, if you’re not on the same page that history has written in bone chilling clarity, you are definitely risking your life. In fact, some would say you’re just throwing it away.
The same page we need to be on if we harbor any aspirations to save what’s left of our diseased and infected lives is to realize that throughout the history of the United States and certainly for the past century there has been a Jewish superstructure of sabotage, manipulation and betrayal solely aimed at fulfilling the tractates of the Talmud to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world.
The principal weapon in this psychotic kosher arsenal has been the dumbed down goyim of the United States, who have conveniently plundered the world to steal everyone’s riches and hand them over to the Jewish puppet masters who control them. Certainly, ordinary American people have not benefited from these atrocities.
It’s the same page of history, written again and again across time. The same page of history when the Hebrews were evicted from Egypt for stealing everything and swindling everyone.
The same page of history when Jews descended upon Rome destabilizing everyone with all this talk of the Chrestos, making slaves feels that they were equal to the valiant citizens who built the greatest empire ever known, and forgiving every criminal if they would just at least pretend to redirect their beliefs to what the priests told them to believe, a fairy tale that made them wealthy and destroyed the people who had actually worked for what they had. 
Remember: the only empirically verifiable fact about the Christian religion is that it was created and written by Jews. So wonder no longer why the recently elected Pope Francis says it’s OK for homos to be priests — he’s just reading from the same page.
The same page of history when Cromwell let the Jews back into England because of the money they possessed, which later led to the Bank of England and the empire the Sun never set on, all run by Jews showing the righteous white Brits how easy it was to swindle and enslave the gullible all over the world. The Brits took to it like piranhas to water.
The same page of history as a wedding in 1847 when Disraeli urged the Rothschilds to each pick a side and foment the American Civil War. That very next year, 1848, it was the same page when Jewish revolutions took place in every country in the known world. No, the Jews didn’t win them all, but they did set up a B’nai Brith chapter in every one of those countries, to plan for the long haul of sabotage and subversion that eventually has succeeded all over the world. 
Just look at the skyscrapers of Shanghai and the people starving in their shadows. Just like New York.
The same page as the Federal Reserve being set up by stealth in 1913 to fund World War I, the same page as the contraction of the money supply in 1929 to trigger the Great Depression, the same page as World War II to hasten the creation of Israel in 1948, and the same page in 2001 when the Twin Towers were blown up to justify U.S. participation in wars all over the world to accelerate the destruction of countries that Israel and the Jews wanted destroyed.
It is the same page, being played over and over.
And now it is the page we must all be on if we are ever to get off it — if we plan to survive.
Now, here’s the bad part.
The police who enforce the bankers rules and the soldiers who inflict all the damage on hapless peasants whose valuables the Jews want to steal have already been poisoned and will die as soon as they have finished packing everybody into FEMA camps around the world.
If we don’t have a Jew free society we will have no society at all, only a worldwide Jewish FEMA camp, where the food and the medicine are poison and no one gets released, except in a plastic box.
And here’s the worst part. It’s already here. 
And it’s all written in blood on the same page. Get on it, and erase both its contents and its advocates, or perish.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.
The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

13 Responses to “Wasp says it’s Jesuits. Kaminski says it’s Jews.”

  1. Steed EOW says:

    I really wish there was sufficient evidence to disprove this.

  2. NPP says:

    Last night on BBC radio 4 Moral Maze http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b037jbv5 they ‘debated’:
    Is Wagner’s music morally tainted by his anti-semitism?
    They were being very ‘intellectually’ serious. I perceived silly nonsense, but it was entertaining… the BBC espousing morality. Funny and alarming: libel? People being offened by name calling?
    In 1984 it’s thoughtcrime!
    At one point ex Tory MP Michael Portillo said: “It’s important to be offended by the right things.”
    I laughed rather than cry.

    Stuart Wilde died 10 May 2013. I think I interviewed him on hospital radio 20+ years ago. In an article he said “Tom said its best we don’t mention the Jews, I reckon he’s right, so here goes…ding ding…”
    … access this link:

  3. Anonymous says:

    But WASP is a jew.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Of course it’s the Jews. Anyone who says otherwise, either hasn’t done enough research or more often or not is a gatekeeper deflecting attention from the Jews and their ongoing shenanigans.

    A Comprehensive History of Zionist Crimes

    The Jews Run the World

    The Synagogue of Satan 740-1818
    By Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

  5. Tapestry says:

    What if it’s neither the Jesuits or the Jews (Zionist Jews) but both compete to please an off planet entity who placed them into position for the purpose of competing with each other?

  6. Anonymous says:

    ah now i have it, little green men from the Moon get jewsand jesuits to sod up the world, i have heard it all now

  7. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, this is addressed to your seemingly more intelligent readers, who know how to put a sentence together to express themselves, & who do not make erroneous spurious remarks.

    Why did it take so long to measure the charge on the electron.
    I have given this information on numerous occasions, but many appear to be unable to understand why. Any one having done Physics will know about the Millikan Oil Drop Experiment, designed to measure The Charge on The Electron. It’s a fascinating experimental tale, as subsequent measurements gradually corrected the data, steadily nudging the charge upwards. In one of Feynmans Books: Surely Your Joking Mr. Feynman I believe it was, when he mentions CARGO CULT SCIENCE , since then there have been numerous articles relating to it here is one such article: MORE THOUGHTS ON THE DECLINE EFFECT .


    That’s a pretty perfect example of selective reporting in science. One optimistic takeaway from the oil-drop experiment is that our errors get corrected, and that the truth will always win out. Like Mr. Stuart, this was the moral Feynman preferred, as he warned the Caltech undergrads to be rigorous scientists, because their lack of rigor would be quickly exposed by the scientific process. “Other experimenters will repeat your experiment and find out whether you were wrong or right,” Feynman said. “Nature’s phenomena will agree or they’ll disagree with your theory.”

    But that’s not always the case. For one thing, a third of scientific papers never get cited, let alone repeated, which means that many errors are never exposed. But even those theories that do get replicated are shadowed by uncertainty. After all, one of the more disturbing aspects of the decline effect is that many results we now believe to be false have been replicated numerous times. …….

    This raises the obvious problem: If false results can get replicated, then how do we demarcate science from pseudoscience? And how can we be sure that anything—even a multiply confirmed finding—is true?

    These questions have no easy answers. However, I think the decline effect is an important reminder that we shouldn’t simply reassure ourselves with platitudes about the rigors of replication or the inevitable corrections of peer review. Although we often pretend that experiments settle the truth for us—that we are mere passive observers, dutifully recording the facts—the reality of science is a lot messier.

    You have only to take as an Example the GLOBAL WARMING SCAM, Now Morphed CLIMATE CHANGE, to appreciate the application of CARGO CULT SCIENCE. The Emperor, Was Only Seen To Be Naked By The Little Boys.
    The Purpose of This Scam Is To Sell The Nothing “CARBON CREDITS” GENERATE THEM Trillion OF £,& $. Read about it in Taps Blog.
    I can give you a far more reasoned reply than you can give me. Convince me otherwise, taking into account all the facts, not just those that fit your limited opinion & I will Believe reconsider my viewpoint.

    Feynman also said “No Matter How Smart You Think You Are, How Beautiful Your Theories Might Be, If What You Say Doesn’t Agree With Nature, Or Experimental Facts You Are Wrong – REGARDLESS OF WHO YOU ARE. SO TAKE ANOTHER GUESS. I Find Information &, I Interpret The Facts As I See Them. It would appear many are incapable of correctly doing that, & Can’t See The Elephant In The Living Room.

    I would describe myself as a Passive Observer, I Hold No Brief For Any Religion – THEY ARE ALL MASS CONTROL SYSTEMS.

    Having been brought up in High C of E I realised this a long time ago. I would describe myself as a Theist Eclectic, accepting an Omnipotent God, but refuting any Earth bound Substitutes or Representatives.



  8. Anonymous says:

    If Jews have been kicked out of nearly every Country on Earth, why was that ??
    There is no smoke without fire.

  9. wasp says:


    The Jesuit Order was created by Catholic Ignatius Loyola in 1500s to counter the Reformation and uplift the authority of the Papacy.
    Read more about Loyola and the Jesuits’ plan to destroy Protestantism.
    The world’s wars and revolutions occur because the Jesuits want to establish a one-world government with the Papacy at its head. Even over a century ago their plans were succeeding, as 19th-century theologian Luigi De Sanctis tells us: YOU NEED TO LEARN ABOUT THE JESUITS ROLE IN HISTORY. here is a Start The SECRET HISTORY of The JESUITS consider also e.g.

    Jesuit/Knight of Malta Hypocrisy at its Finest: US War on Iran & Presidential Election

    Jesuit-Trained Knight of Malta Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense.

    Secretary of War (pardon me, Secretary of Defense) Leon Panetta has begun the great impeachment agitation. Yes, this “Italian-American” Roman Catholic, Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta has stated that he values permission of the “International Community” (as represented in the pope’s United Nations) to wage war on Iran over “Congressional Approval.” This is the same Leon Panetta who served during the Clinton Administration, President Bill Clinton having also been trained by the Jesuits at Georgetown University

    : Europe’s New president : Jesuit Herman Van Rompuy
    on 2009/11/20 17:40:00
    The winner is: The corrupted House of God, the Catholic church and the Jesuit Order of Malta, not the sovereign states of Europe.

    Thus the embedded cross will be defended along and by the bank of central banks, privately owned and Jesuit founded BIS, virtual owner of the way-too-BIG-to-fail central banks and their bonus with the taxes of the too-small-to-save Europeans, a victory for the reptile priesthood insatiable thirst,
    and an ever bigger rip-off for you.

    The world banking system is then coordinated by the Bank for International Settlements whose seat is in Basel, Switzerland, not the World Bank nor the IMF as usually led to believe but close enough still in the land of Heidi and nice watches.

    BIS was created to support the Jesuit Eurasian crusade named World War II.

    World War II, was a continuation of the Anti Reformation better known as THE INQUISITION.

    “During the Nazi age from ’33 to ’45 the BIS was considered a Nazi-friend bank with a strong German internal influential group. Emil Puh was both vice- president of BIS and president of Nazi Reichsbank. After the Austrian Anschluss (1938) BIS took the Austrian gold and was involved with the Nazi robbery of the Nazi occupied Tschoslovakey.

    Norman Montagu, who was at the same time the president of BIS and of the Bank of England, didn’t obstruct the National-Socialist robbery. From the April 1939 the American lawyer Thomas McKittrick was drafter in the BIS in order to achieve a democratic façade. BIS worked as clerk for the financial business of the Third Reich.

    The U.S. financial minister Morgenthau and the exiled Norway government tried to get rid of the bank (but Morgenthau was an Judenhof of the pope, he merely played a comedy).

    The British minister for finance affairs opposed to the loosing stating that the bank was useful for the post war re-building of Europe. Only in March 1945 they decided to add a special realistic effect to their fantastic comedy, blocking the financial transaction of the Third Reich as “…the pressure of the U.S. government was no more avoidable by the Swiss !…”.

    If you think the Nazi holocaust was the only and last one you should not miss this film at google video: The Link has been Deactivated – Why Is That!

    Jesuits Come In All Shapes Sizes & Colours, Top Jesuits Are SMOMS & Invariable “JEWS” Look Up The Distinction Between.

    AS YOU SAY – “No Smoke Without Fire”


  10. Anonymous says:

    I have no intention to incur your wrath WASP.
    Some people like to keep it simple.
    It’s Freemasons that control the pleb’s, through the Law and fines.
    Sometimes it’s best to forget the past, learn from it, and try to change the future.

  11. wasp says:




  12. Anonymous says:

    sorry tap i cant read this blog any more, too many people are saying wasp is a twat, and so are you for allowing it, are you wasp by any chance ?
    David Lambert and yes i am queer so what ?

  13. Anonymous says:

    David on this blog we accept “queer” people.
    Not sure how to take Uranians though.

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