The Protocols of Zion were penned by the Jesuits

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The men who were loyal to the Pope who wrote The Protocols were the Jesuits, according to Leo Lehmann—the ex-Irish Catholic priest who became converted to Christ and set-up the mission there in New York City, Converted Catholics For Christ. He said that the Jesuits wrote The Protocols, and that this is no new attempt of deception, based on their document that they wrote concerning their attack on the Jansenists, which was called: The Secrets Of The Elders Of Bourg-Fontaine.

IT IS ADMITTED by all intelligent people that the so-called
“Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion” are criminal forgeries,
and could never have been written either by a group of Jews
or Freemasons. Yet their authorship remains unknown. The amazing
part of it is that this fantastic fraud has succeeded in its planned
objective—the ousting of all Judaic-Masonic influence in Central
Europe by methods that would bring a blush to the cheek of a

These Protocols of supposedly Jewish leaders are not the first
documents of their kind fabricated by the Jesuits.
For over a hundred years before these Protocols appeared, the
Jesuits had continued to make use of a similar fraud called The
Secrets of the Elders of Bourg-Fontaine against Jansenism—an
anti-Jesuit French Catholic movement among the secular clergy.
The analogy between the two forgeries is perfect—the secret
assemblage in the forest of Bourg-Fontaine; the plan of the “conspirators”
to destroy the Papacy and establish religious tolerance
among all nations; the alleged plot against Throne and Altar, and
the setting up of a world-government in opposition to the Catholic
Church. There is the same dramatization of the negative pole of
the historic evolution of the world, in order to bring out, by contrast,
the positive Christian [Catholic] pole, around which all
conservative forces—the monarchy, the aristocracy, the army, the
clergy—must gather to save the world from Satan’s onslaught.
Analyzing, therefore, the ends to be attained by these Protocols
of Zion, the means to be employed, the forces depicted as evil and
those to be considered good, we must reach the conclusion that
only to those whose objectives these forgeries were clearly intended
to serve, can their authorship be attributed.



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