The bullshit starts. NATO gassed the children, not Syria.

U.S. Admits It Has No Idea WHO Carried Out Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

One Rogue, Low-Level Officer Could Have Carried Out Attack

Even though the U.S. government claims that the Syrian government is the perpetrator of the chemical weapons attack, it admits that it has no ideawho in the government ordered the attack. It could have been a rogue, low-level military officer.
Foreign Policy reports:
With the United States barreling toward a strike on Syria, U.S. officials say they are completely certain that Bashar al-Assad’s government is responsible for last week’s chemical weapons attack. They just don’t know who in the Syrian government is to blame.
On Wednesday, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf admitted as much. “The commander-in-chief of any military is ultimately responsible for decisions made under their leadership, even if … he’s not the one that pushes the button or said, ‘Go,’ on this,” Harf said. “I don’t know what the facts are here ….”
On TuesdayThe Cable reported that U.S. officials are basing their assessment that the Assad regime bears responsibility for the strike largely on an intercepted phone call between a panicked Ministry of Defense official and a commander of a Syrian chemical weapons unit. But that intelligence does not resolve the question of who in the government ordered the strike ….
Because of that lack of clarity, Harf took a beating on Wednesday. In a testy exchange during her daily briefing, Harf very nearly admitted that it makes no difference who in the Syrian government ordered the attack, a reflection of the lack of certainty that still shrouds U.S. understanding of the chemical attack that may have left as many as 1,000 people dead.
In effect, Harf was left arguing that because no one else could have carried out the attack, it must have been the Syrian government. “The world doesn’t need a classified U.S. intelligence assessment to see the photos and the videos of these people and to know that the only possible entity in Syria that could do this to their own people is the regime,” she said.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    This kind of bullshit wouldn’t stand a hope in hell’s chance in a court of law. Flawed from beginning to end with opinions and no substantial evidence. 1st degree heresy! Next!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nato are Chemtrailing nearly the whole World, they are experts on chemicals. The MO fits them.

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