Syrian ‘rebels’ recorded on video firing Sarin gas on civilian targets

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NEW YORK – As the U.S. considers a response to what it calls a chemical weapon attack by Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime that killed hundreds of civilians, reliable Middle Eastern sources say they have evidence the culprits actually were the rebel forces trying to take over the government.

Secretary of State John Kerry accused the Assad government Monday of covering up the use of chemical weapons in “a cowardly crime” and a “moral obscenity” that shocked the world’s conscience. Kerry claimed the Obama administration had “undeniable” evidence “that the Assad government was culpable in the use of chemical weapons on civilians” in the Aug. 21 attack in Damascus suburbs.

Reports that the Obama administration is considering a military strike against the Assad government continued to circulate Monday. Meanwhile, U.N. weapon inspectors in Syria were fired upon by snipers as they attempted to investigate the site of the Aug. 21 attack.

Assad has rejected charges that his government forces used chemical weapons as “preposterous” and “completely politicized,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

He argues Syrian forces were in the targeted area. ………….

Rebel attack?

With the assistance of former PLO member and native Arabic-speaker Walid Shoebat, WND has assembled evidence from various Middle Eastern sources that cast doubt on Obama administration claims the Assad government is responsible for last week’s attack.

A video posted on YouTube, embedded below, shows Free Syrian Army, or FSA, rebel forces launching a Sarin gas attack on a Syrian village.

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Russian media sources have consistently reported Syrian military have discovered rebel warehouses containing chemical weapons agents and have documented rebel chemical weapons attacks on the Syrian civilians the military.


Cameron and Obama ‘humiliated’ as support for Syrian war fades

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21st Century Wire says…

The House of Commons falls in on PM David Cameron, as his bid for war in Syria has failed…

From London to Washington…
The Obama administration and the neo-liberal surrogates within mainstream media have continued to try to save face, even after British parliamentary sessions ended David Cameron’s bid for war in Syria, leaving the Prime Minister “undeniably” humiliated.

The humiliation doesn’t end there…

This will prove to be a crushing blow to Obama’s planned strike against the sovereign nation, as 98 Republicans and 18 Democrats in congress have now come forward to question the constitutionality of such a conflict and are ready to be called back in session.

Over the past day, Democratic and Republican lawmakers have issued a signed letter concerned over potential constitutional violations by the US president,  headed by Rep. Scott Rigell (R-Va.), the letter states :

“Engaging our military in Syria when no direct threat to the United States exists and without prior congressional authorization would violate the separation of powers that is clearly delineated in the Constitution.”
There is no doubt that the Obama ‘media machine’ is already busy trying to reframe his “Red Line” stance, back-tracking on his electioneering tough talk prior to become president again.

Will Obama go “solo” in Syria, based on dodgy intelligence information, only time will tell?

We sincerely hope not.

All this week, we’ve seen an out pour of emotion through various protests over a possible Syrian strike, reminding us that humanity can regain its footing.

One thing is clear, support for the planned strike on Syria has quickly faded away…

Support for Syrian strikes quickly fading away

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