Police, Army and firefighters take part in full-scale MOCK-UP of Al-Qaeda chemical attack on city

  • More than 250 emergency service personnel and soldiers took part to test their response times
  • 150 actors and volunteers drafted in to play the part of victims and survivors
  • So realistic that some workers and shoppers believed that they were witnessing a real attack
These pictures show the dramatic scenes that unfolded in the centre of a British city today when emergency services staged a mock terrorist attack.

More than 250 police officers, firefighters and soldiers brought Birmingham city centre to a standstill during the the full-scale training exercise this morning. 

The event was designed to test the response times of emergency services being called in the event of an Al-Quaeda style chemical attack on the UK.

Terror police staged the mock scenario by simulating the release of a chemical during a packed conference at Birmingham’s International Convention Centre (ICC). 
Over a hundred police officers and 120 firemen were called to the scene to rescue 150 volunteer victims.

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3 Responses to “Police, Army and firefighters take part in full-scale MOCK-UP of Al-Qaeda chemical attack on city”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Remember previous advice on this blog.
    For your own safety, if you come across an event like this, a drill, an exercise or training. Remove yourself ASAP.

  2. Anonymous says:

    or maybe due to local FRACKING, there seems to have appeared a 10 mile dia earth hole in the whole of birmingam everything has gone!!

    who could have planned such a thing?

    what timeing!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    @ 11:21 am

    Totally agree.

    However, I would also say stand back at a safe distance and film/record everything you can.

    These ‘powers that be’ always f’ up and leave a trace. Nobody is perfect – and the sheer ego of TPTB means they are getting sloppy… as recent false flag attempts have proven.

    With all the staged/false-flag events throughout history there has always been at least one mistake made. Trick is spotting them.

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