Philippines to suffer greater US military presence

This might interest you: Philippines, US to start talks on greater military presence

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The Philippines said on Thursday it would soon start talks on expanding US access to its bases, a move that would result in a greater presence of American troops in the country amid rising tensions with China.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Money talks!…while this will no doubt make many Filipino’s very happy and a select few very rich, the sad fact is they have already succumbed to american corporatism in a big way. Witness the total acceptance and widespread use in predominantly urban areas of american packaged foods with the usual brand names and nutrition-free ingredients and compare with the organic and wonderful fruits, veg and meat products at remote and/or grass roots level. I remember the euphoria which swept the islands when america vacated Subic bay naval base and Clark AFB! just wait awhile to see more of the usual interference and corrupt control of local establishment figures by american establishment “parties”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    China tries £20m hi-tech raindance as country roasts in heatwave

  3. wasp says:

    So now here is something a little bit different as they used to say in ‘MONTY PYTHON’

    It was there among the Jewish people, a parallel to the present situation of the Roman Catholic Priesthood. As a matter of fact, the Roman Catholic Priesthood, in its present form with nuns, monks and priests as well as bishops, cardinals and popes, is a tremendous mixture of two religions, Catholicism and Judaism. We will see that even the very experience which comes forth from actual experiences of priests, monks and nuns at this present time brings forth more light in guidelines about the tremendous conspiracy which underlays the very existence of the so called Church of Christ unto this very day……

    The Roman Catholic Church commercializes not only off of the living, but off of the dead as well. On and on it goes and even after ones involved become aware, there is no likely way to break away into freedom. Very few dare to ever break away and in the prisons of the convents and monasteries–there is no way to escape. …….

    Seekers of truth beware, for you have found it .
    And now, what will you do with it?


    After the vows have transpired, the Mother Superior sends me into another room. When I walk into that room I see something I have never seen before. I see a Roman Catholic Priest dressed in a Holy Habit. He walks over to me and locks his arm into my arm which had never been done in any of my previous experience in the convent. I had never had a priest insult me in any manner; I had never had one even be unkind to me in the first part of my convent experience…..

    But here he is now, and of course I didn’t understand what it was all about and I didn’t know what in the world the man expected of me. …. The rest of us felt this way in the beginning but you know, the priest’s body is sanctified and therefore it is not a sin to give our bodies unto the priest.” In other words, they teach every little nun this, “As the holy ghost placed the germ in Mary’s womb and Jesus Christ was born, so the priest is the Holy Ghost and therefore it is no sin for you to bear his children.”
    Let me assure you, that is what they come to the convent for–

    If the babe is what you would call perfect, then it is dealt with in a more horrible manner as a sacrifice. Either way the little life is snuffed out quickly

    What is then done with those little bodies? There are lime pits in those convents. The baby will be killed and it will be put into the lime pit and the lime will be put over its body and that is the way the baby’s life ends.
    Oh,it is so hard to think about it and that is why I challenge people to pray….

    How can a Catholic, and especially a priest, not know of these horrendous things within convent walls? Easily, and completely “probably”. If the general members knew, there would be no ability to continue with such Satanic power and control. Only the very few are made aware of these things perpetrated upon humanity.
    As with the Masonic order. The evil is at the hidden top of the line–the innocent members are the slaves who raise money and go among the people doing good–’tis only the top conspirators who know the truth and orchestrate the remainder of you, the orchestra……


  4. Anonymous says:

    Gold, Silver & Economy News


  5. Anonymous says:

    WASP wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Do you think that Sister Charlotte’s testemony is true?
    Recently I read at
    the testemony of Sister Charlotte about the atrocities she suffered in the Convent. I was deeply shocked upon reading it and took some interest in the case. Later I checked the site:…
    where that testemony is said to be false. I have to agree that it sounds strange that she never mentioned the name of the place where it happened and also upon hearing the recorded tape I thought her mood is simply too dry while narrating, as I would expect a person who really suffered all that to break in tear even while remembering it. Moreover, it seems that everything relies on her words, for no proof or witness ever appeared. What do you think? Is it a true account or just sensationalist anti-catholic propaganda?

    6 years ago

    SpiritRoaming SpiritRo…
    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
    Charlotte Wells was not her real name, and she has been deceased since 1983. One wonders why she felt the need to hide her real identity behind a pseudonym; after all, it would be easy then to check if she were ever in the convent she claimed to be in, whether the events described really happened. There is substantial evidence that her real name was Keckler, among which being the appearance of the exact same story under this name.


    ps would have thought more would have been exposed after this was put out???

    more nuns come out of the woodwork??

    more concerned parents demanding answers??

    found it real tough to listen to.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Looks like a side effect of Chemtrailing is that it is destroying the ozone and allowing more UV to hit Earth.
    The Chinese are having a rough time with the intense heat from the Sun. Anon 7.07pm.
    We are now on the path of the Earth’s demise unless Chemtrailing is stopped.
    Try and get to one of the Global Chemtrail demonstrations on Aug 25.
    The Elite have Robbed us with the Global warming scam, and are now causing Methane to be released into the atmosphere, due to the Chemtrailing.
    Have you noticed how warm it is on an evening, the heat is being held in by the clouds.

  7. wasp says:

    Hi, Tap in absentia.
    Yep! I would say its true HETT, just looking at some average links, without going into the DEEP WEB, it is obvious that such abuse was Widely Practiced, & probably still is in Many Places The Statistics are quite alarming SEXUAL ABUSE IN THE RC CHURCH: 40% OF RC NUNS HAVE ALSO BEEN SEXUALLY ABUSED TOO. THOSE WHO GET PREGNANT HAVE THEIR BABIES MURDERED! – THis makes a bit of a Mockery of the Rambling from the Vatican About The sanctity of Life & The Foetus


    Depressing but not surprising: how the Magdalene Laundries got away with it

    You can’t consider this in isolation “The Inquisition: 605 Years of Papal Torture and Death” it is endemic in their Culture. I have sent Posts on this Particularly The Vatican Holocaust,which many refuse to accept, this is well documented. Papal Rome’s torture and slaughter have not been limited to those dates (1203-1808) of the “official” operation of the office of Inquisition. In fact, Papal Rome carried out a modern-day Inquisition in the 1940s in the Roman Catholic Fascist State of Croatia. The Roman Catholic Church and the Croatian Fascist Ustashi State worked side by side in planning and orchestrating the torture and slaughter of up to ONE MILLION innocent Serb Orthodox Christian men, women, elderly, and children. The Ustashi brutality and savagery sickened even battle-hardened German troops who came across these Roman Catholic massacres of innocent Serb Orthodox Christians! Indeed, Franciscan priests, monks, and friars often led the Roman Catholic Ustashi “killer squads” in savage massacres of Serb Orthodox Christians that included the most brutal forms of torture and execution. Serb Orthodox Christian men, women, and children were skinned alive, buried alive, and burned alive, etc. Serb Orthodox priests were crucified on wooden doors. Eyes were torn from the poor Serb Orthodox Christian victims in order to make necklaces for their Roman Catholic Ustashi murderers!

    As a Theist I Hold No Brief For Any Religion, I do not understand why seemingly Intelligent People go along with any of it _ Just Mass Control Systems. There is only one thing that Exists in The Universe that can not be Created or Distroyed, & that is ENERGY, it can however Exist in Different Forms. I therefore would say GOD IS THIS ENERGY, which is capable of TRANSMUTATION.

    The law of Perperual Transmutation is The First law of The Universe, The Law of Nature.

    There are Seven Laws of The Universe

    1. The Law Of Perpetual Transmutation Of Energy
    2. The Law Of Vibration (aka The Law Of Attraction)
    3. The Law Of Relativity
    4. The Law Of Polarity or The Law Of Opposites
    5. The Law Of Rhythm
    6. The Law Of Cause And Effect
    7. The Law Of Gender

    I defy anyone to tell me how these relate to EARTHLY REPRESENTATIVES OF GOD, viz ENERGY.


  8. wasp says:

    Heat Wave:-
    To all those who might be interested: Try This Link MASSIVE SUNSPOT

    It didn’t quite make Gordon’s Carrington Event, that would have Shafted All The Communication Systems, & taken years to recover from. Another Carrington Event Inevitable Say Scientists

    THE MENTALLY CHALLENGED WHO STILL BELIEVE IN THE PERPETUAL LIE OF GLOBAL WARMING, NOW MORPHED Climate Change, Particularly Those Who Go By The Name of MP’s & Ministers, need to get their Arse’s into Gear. Both CO2 & NO act as Coolants,& Deflect Heat.

    It is no surprise that that Great Big Red Thing in The Sky Acts On Our Climate, & CO2 as the Culprit is CARGO CULT SCIENCE, forced upon the Gullible to make the Thieving Parasites & Wide Boys, better known as BANKSTERS Together with The Gangsters who run the EU Billions of £, $, & €, Selling The EMPEROR’S CLOTHES, Better Known As CARBON CREDITS.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations WASP, now we have sorted that out, will you be attending the Global Chemtrail demo anywhere, on 25 Aug.

  10. wasp says:

    @ Anon 6.51 am
    Probably not, Demonstrations are not very productive in my opinion, unless a great number of people are being subjected to a known phenomena, or imposed Taxes, such as Poll Tax. As someone who has disagreed with AGW from it’s inception, I am of the opinion that the Majority haven’t got a clue about Chemtrails. Look how long it has taken a minority to question Global Warming. You would be far better occupied, trying to activate your Local Representatives, who call themselves MP’s.

    The Brain Dead Morons at the BBC, are unlikely to give a True Account anyway, which is where most people obtain their information they consider to be News.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Come on WASP, every body at the demo counts.
    My family will be at Burnley.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Still waiting for a reply from Miliband.
    Had a reply to say they received th letter two weeks ago.

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