Oliver Cromwell was controlled opposition

Hi Tap, CROMWELL WAS CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, George Monk was the real power behind the Cromwell Regime. He was another one of those Pesky Jesuits.

The Dutch navy was expanding and they were taking over the decaying Spanish Empire. ……….

Jesuit tool/fool Cromwell actually got England to declare war on their most faithful ally—Holland.

It is ironic that the dictatorship of Oliver Cromwell lasted almost as long as another Jesuit tool: Adolf Hitler. …….

Cromwell’s bizarre career mirrors that of Napoleon Bonaparte. who was also a Jesuit Tool

The fact that Cromwell massacred Catholics at Drogheda, was a great recruiting drive for the Jesuits, who never mind loosing their own if it gives them the advantage c.f. TITANIC

General George Monck was a fanatical Jesuit and hater of the heroic Dutch….He was the real power behind the Cromwell regime and fought on land against the Royalists and at sea against the Dutch.

He allowed King Charles II to return and regain his beheaded father’s throne.

King Charles II carried on the policy of Oliver Cromwell

Like the Bourbon dynasty in France after the defeat of Napoleon, a greatly chastened King Charles II was allowed to regain his throne in May 1660. Many of the laws enacted during the Cromwell regime were repealed but new navigation acts were enacted aimed at destroying Dutch trade in the New World.

Cromwell invaded Ireland in 1649

Cromwell arrived in Ireland in September 1649, with a small army of about 12,000 men. Ireland had many men who were loyal to King Charles II and they were led by James Butler, Duke of Ormonde.

As usual on all his campaigns, Cromwell consulted closely with his Jesuit advisers: During the expedition to Ireland (although Parliament had ordered that anyone giving shelter to a priest or to a Jesuit, even for a single hour, should lose his life and forfeit his property), a Jesuit, Fr. Nicholas Netterville, was on terms of great intimacy with Cromwell, often dining at his table and playing chess with him.

Cromwell’s regime was a big blow to the Reformation in England, as it produced limitless recruits for the Jesuits in Ireland. There is an old Jesuit saying:

CROMWELL was outed when he was poisoned by his Devious JESUIT Physician http://www.reformation.org/dr-george-bate.html The Jesuits Favorite Method, that is why he was buried so soon after, & his coffin was empty at State Funeral.

The Jesuits of cause fronted the Operation with the Jews, this is when they were readmitted into The Country, allowing the Jesuits to sneak back behind the Cover of their Smoke & Mirrors.


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Hi Tap, the Links got omitted, viz

The Life and Crimes of Oliver Cromwell!! & George Bate—Cromwell’s Devious Physician

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is a well known fact that the Titanic wa sin fact the sister ship and wa ssunk by the jews
    Moshe Solomons has covered this in detail
    thanks tap

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am the official Oliver Cromwell historian at Cromwells house which is open 5 days a week.
    In all the documentation available to scholars and inen in the Oxfoed document archive there is no mention of jesuits, jewish money lenders yes there is plenty on that.
    Methinks someone has their fact wrong here

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