National demonstration: No attack on Syria

Stop the War Coalition, 31 August 2013.

National Demonstration: assemble Saturday 31 August, 12 noon, Temple Place, London (nearest tube Temple)

The national demonstration on Saturday will gather at Temple Place (near Temple tube) and march via Parliament and Downing Street, ending in central London for a political rally to say

No attack on Syria.

Called by Stop the War and CND.

Russian resistance torpedoes United Nations resolution on Syria

WASHINGTON – A final Western effort to win a United Nations blessing for military action against Syria appeared to collapse Wednesday, but the United States and its allies were still expected to launch a retaliatory attack in response to President Bashar Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons.

Despite the apparent diplomatic failure, the White House received an endorsement from the 28-member North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the key Western military alliance.
After a meeting of the allaince’s policymaking arm, NATO Secretary-General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a statement in Brussels that reports of a chemical weapons attacks by Syria “cannot go unanswered. Those responsible must be held accountable.”

The statement didn’t commit NATO to joining any military operation, but gave its blessing for such an effort, said George Benitez, an analyst with the Atlantic Council of the United States and editor of the Natosource blog. “They’re saying: ‘We support what you’re going to do.'”

He said there appeared to be  fewer misgivings about military action than before other recent U.S.-led interventions. Germany and Poland, which kept a distance from the U.S., French and British attack on Libya in 2011, supported the NATO statement, for example.
At the U.N., in a meeting of the five permanent members of the Security Council, British representatives proposed a resolution condemning Syria’s use of banned chemical agents and called for all necessary means to respond to it.

But officials from Russia, Syria’s principal international backer, made it clear that they would oppose the resolution, killing the idea and foreclosing any further discussion, diplomats said.,0,618597.story

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