Musicians boycott Israel

Roger Waters’ new Israel boycott letter to fellow musicians

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters has today published a long-awaited open letter calling on his fellow musicians to boycott Israel.
The letter explains that Waters has been part of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement for seven years, and has been mulling the letter over for some time.
He condemns Israeli human rights violations and explains the reasons to act:

Given the inability or unwillingness of our governments [to act] … it falls to civil society and conscientious citizens of the world, to dust off our consciences, shoulder our responsibilities, and act. I write to you now, my brothers and sisters in the family of Rock and Roll, to ask you to join with me, and thousands of other artists around the world, to declare a cultural boycott on Israel … proclaiming our rejection of Apartheid in Israel and occupied Palestine, by pledging not to perform or exhibit in Israel or accept any award or funding from any institution linked to the government of Israel …


In an exclusive interview with The Electronic Intifada’s David Cronin back in March, Waters revealed he had been drafting the letter.
“What caused me to write this public letter was an affair where Stevie Wonder was hired to play a gala dinner for the Israeli Defense Forces,” he said, recounting how he and others wrote to Wonder asking him to cancel – which he eventually did.
The interview went viral at the time, gaining the attention of Rolling Stone, among others.
By April the letter had yet to appear and, following an interview with The Huffington Post that Waters says was “misinterpreted,” several media reports claimed Waters was “reconsidering” his position on boycotting Israel.
Waters wrote on Facebook soon afterwards that he had only meant he was considering the text of the letter, and not “my position on the Israel/Palestine issue” overall.
The publication of this letter today makes Waters’ position in favour of on the boycott of Israel clear – in support of the Palestinian-led BDS movement.

Full letter

18th August 2013, Warsaw
To My Colleagues in Rock and Roll
Nigel Kennedy the virtuoso British violinist and violist, at The Recent Promenade Concerts at The Albert Hall in London, mentioned that Israel is apartheid. Nothing unusual there you might think, then one Baroness Deech, (Nee Fraenkel) disputed the fact that Israel is an apartheid state and prevailed upon the BBC to censor Kennedy’s performance by removing his statement. Baroness Deech produced not one shred of evidence to support her claim and yet the BBC, non political, supposedly, acting solely on Baroness Deech’s say so, suddenly went all 1984 on us. Well!! Time to stick my head above the parapet again, alongside my brother, Nigel Kennedy, where it belongs. And by the way, Nigel, great respect man. So here follows a letter last re-drafted in July.
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3 Responses to “Musicians boycott Israel”

  1. NPP says:

    In letter to Rabbi accusing Waters of being anti Semite, Waters replied…

    “I have many very close Jewish friends, one of whom, interestingly enough, is the nephew of the late Simon Wiesenthal. I am proud of that association; Simon Wiesenthal was a great man. Also I have two grandsons who, I love more than life itself, their Mother, my daughter in law, is Jewish and so, in consequence, I’m told, are they.”

    Dare I ask, was Simon Wiesenthal a great man? I have heard contradictory suggestions.

    The Rabbi’s response to Waters…

    By the way, as pop stars and Rabbis argue, let’s remind ourselves e.g. 2006-2009, 94 Pakistani killed by Obama’s drones, but hey, that’s just terrorist collateral damage, isn’t it?!?

  2. Anonymous says:

    what / simon weisenthal was a lazy jew racist he was paid by wealthy jews to hunt down german soldiers from W W II to their graves, can you imagine if this was british soldiers ? well it could just as easily been.
    PS french intelligence despised the man who wa sprotected by rothschild
    i could spit just thinking about him

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, We don’t know much about Weisenthal, he seemed to run another money making racket, raising funds to go on holiday to find Germans.
    Notice he never tracked Hitler down in the Argentine, even with all his contacts and funds.
    Maybe he was the gate keeper.

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