Message to Prime Murderer. Only 8% want war.

The poll results, which come as MPs begin their historic Commons debate on military action, show 80 per cent of people are against David Cameron launching an immediate attack, while 12 per cent are undecided.

A significant 41 per cent of people are against action by Britain in any circumstances, while 39 per cent would only agree with a launch if the UN confirms chemical weapons have been used by the Syrian regime and then sanctions a strike.

The results are a blow to David Cameron who has been arguing for intervention amid a growing chorus of MPs urging caution following the lessons of the Iraq war 10 years ago.

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4 Responses to “Message to Prime Murderer. Only 8% want war.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this Tap
    where i work a show of hands showed almost everyone in the approx 100 people workforce showed just two people wanted war, one because he loves fireworks and the other is jewish.
    So thankyou for highlighting this

  2. Anonymous says:

    Obama ain’t too popular either.

    Why not send Cameron and Obama into Damascus and let them start their insanely stupid war there and see how long they last.

    Their Al-CIA-da chums stationed there won’t be able to help them either.

    Idiots the pair of them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This historic moment needs to be savoured and built upon by the people until we can sweep away these traitorous, murdering scum and elect sincere people who will be held accountable by the people who elect them. Don’t think this is over yet ’cause the shadow government have planned for this and will be reluctant to simply accept defeat and walk away. reiverdave

  4. dp says:

    If the western countries involved are intent on creating a false flag once, then its safe to assume that it may happen again and again until the required result is achieved by whatever methods they see fit.

    Whatever the outcome it seems that these situations are inevitably multi-pronged, they create an opportunity for more false flags on home soil i.e. the terrorist false flag, the legislation opportunities, beguiling the masses into believing the political process actually works equitably (camerons epic fail) and not least it further legitimises the UN s position of moral authority in global affairs with governments bending to their will.

    So for the globalists, whatever the event, its win win

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