Mali musician Salif Keita CANCELS Israeli gig to “respect cultural boycott of Israel”

PRESS RELEASE: Mali’s Salif Keita CANCELS his upcoming Israeli gig to respect the cultural boycott of Israel; a major win for Palestine solidarity human rights activists

In a move being celebrated as major win for Palestine solidarity and human rights activists, Mali’s internationally celebrated afro-pop singer, Salif Keita, has cancelled his upcoming Israeli gig. Keita was scheduled to perform this Friday, the 23rd of August, at Israel’s “Season of Culture” music festival. However, earlier this afternoon (Thursday 22 August) the Israeli festival organisers announced via their official FaceBook page (see: that a few hours before boarding a plane to Israel: “the musician from Mali, Salif Keita, decided to respect the cultural boycott of Israel and cancel his participation in the [Israeli] festival”. The Israeli festival organisers added that “ticket buyers will get their money back.” However, one irate Israeli concert-goer, Meytal Hazut, immediately responded to the news saying: “Next time don’t sell us tickets for performances of pussies”. (see:

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4 Responses to “Mali musician Salif Keita CANCELS Israeli gig to “respect cultural boycott of Israel””

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well Salif Keita, you have made a stand.
    If only we could organise a boycott of all Israeli goods, then they would have a taste of their own medicine.
    It was the Jews that started WW2 doing the same stunt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes racism hatred and genocide has no place in todays world, its time israel stopped all the terrorism
    and joined the human race,
    boyvott tesco sainsburies etc like we all do, no spending of money that goes to the jews
    brian Cavendish

  3. Anonymous says:

    GG in 26 seconds

    Straight to the point

    George Galloway on Chemical Weapons in Syria
    GallowayWatch GallowayWatch


  4. Anonymous says:

    Is George a Freemason ??
    As long as he does not shout he is reasonable to listen to.

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