Low chemtrails target crowds

On Sunday 14th July there was a lot of chemtrail activity over Edinburgh. There was one very voluminous trail about three miles long over the central park district. It was at low altitude and targetted thousands of people who were sunbathing below. Mr Francois clearly does not know the difference between a contrail, which is thin and of short duration and a chemtrail which becomes thicker and is of long duration. 

Sunday July 14th.

comment from Gordon Logan

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gordon Logan’s testimony may well explain the fact that due to wind drift why it was for several days around this period the Borders east coast had a smoky hue covering the whole area.
    Around this same time our ambient temperatures were around the mid to high 20’s and any light mist would have lifted by mid morning, but it didn’t, it was persistent all day, for days, and finally disappeared when a moderate breeze got up.
    Initially I had thought that some farmer was burning straw after harvesting but it was too early for harvesting to begin and now come to the conclusion that this is a case of a no fingerprint job. By that I mean, chemicals dumped over Edinburgh drift and hang around the Borders east coast fertile plain contaminating our crops prior to harvesting a month later. Rain after the heatwave saturates the crops and soil which allows the crops to absorb the leached chemicals and a month later commencing the harvest no one is any the wiser.

    Food for thought!

  2. Anonymous says:

    A brief reminder,

    Dont forget the dead.

    Want your mind blown? Watch this video! Part 1 -Prince William the ANTICHRIST! When? 2015!
    DougandDonna Bickford



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