Egyptian civilisation 12,000 years old

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an interview with Graham Hancock; consciousness, reality, ayahuasca, personal sovereignty, TED Talks, materialist dogma is the death of science, Snowden…
I suggest Hancock has become an important spokesperson for a generation; quote after quote of interesting stuff.
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London Real: Graham Hancock

Brian Rose: host
Graham Hancock: author
Patrick Vickers: former derivatives trader at Goldman Sachs, martial arts fighter/promoter

Vickers: 24:15 mins. Did you think about writing peer reviewed work? Silence your critics?

Hancock: … I try to play by their rules, but you try to get an article published in an archaeological magazine which suggests that the origins of Egyptian civilisation may be more than 12,000 years in the past and I guarantee you, it will never happen… the club by definition does not believe in alternative history. The only way is to appeal directly to the public. The mainstream magazines consider me the devil incarnate. The British Museum refused to allow a TV station to film with me inside the British Museum

Rose: 29:00 mins. What is the current state of the union when it comes to the world’s acceptance of psychedelics as important medicine or plant allies?

Hancock: The therapeutic benefits of psychedelics are being reluctantly recognised by a medical establishment scared off for decades, because of that evil and wicked enterprise called the war on drugs

31:00 mins. … psychedelics offer us the opportunity to explore the issue of consciousness itself and to investigate the nature of reality. We think we know what reality is, but all we know is what we’ve been told reality is from our childhood onward… right now in Western technological societies, the idea is reality is (this stuff… Hancock knocks the table…. matter) material things…. all aspects of reality may be reduced to matter or the spaces between matter, but that is not a fact. 

Rick Strassman at the University of New Mexico repeatedly found evidence that challenged the materialist view of reality and encounters by the volunteers with what appeared to be intelligent non-physical entities; so many of the volunteers ‘returned’ with a haunting phrase from the entities: “We’re so glad you’ve discovered this technology. Now we can communicate with you more easily.”
Suppose DMT is a technology for talking with intelligences from other dimensions. It’s great if we’re researching the therapeutic qualities of psychedelics, but my goodness, let’s also use them to explore the nature of reality. Quantum physicists are open to the idea there is more than one dimension, perhaps inhabited by intelligent beings. If we think we can learn from other cultures in this level of reality, how much more may we learn from the inhabitants of other dimensions. It is not belief; it is hypothesis worth testing with a substance like DMT if we can get rid of this paranoia, this fear of altering consciousness which irrationally drives our society to acts of incredible stupidity.

Vickers: Mankind is obsessed with not just being here for a given period of time, looking for a deeper, more meaningful purpose; looking to religion, reincarnation… I wouldn’t say clutching at straws, but, looking for answers other than a bleak alternative…

Hancock: I would say the person who believes there is nothing beyond this life is the one actually clutching at straws, because that is a hopeful and positive position to have. It is much more worrying to know every action, very thought, every second of your life counts in the much longer term; every error and mistake may have massive implications throughout eternity and infinity.

Vickers: Doesn’t that sound a bit like religion? 

Hancock: Of course. Religions come fundamentally from visionary experiences; Moses in front of the burning bush, St. Paul on the Damascus road, prophet Mohammed shivering in his cave meeting the entity his construes as the angel Gabriel. Scratch the monotheistic mainstream religions and you’ll find shamanistic experiences and altered states of consciousness overlaid by bureaucracy, power hungry priests, rabbis and mullahs who’ve imposed social structures upon it

Hancock: If we can’t make decisions, right or wrong, about our own bodies, our own consciousness, there is something fundamentally wrong with society and it poisons and taints every other aspect of what that society does, and if there some social costs from allowing that freedom, I would welcome those social costs because the freedom itself trumps that; a society that tolerates adult sovereignty. This is a very important principle. Look at the vast social costs of driving cars, but nobody questions that.

Hancock: Their brand is about free thinking and challenging the paradigm… The fundamental issue, it rapidly became clear, the common point between my talk and Rupert’s talk (Dr. Sheldrake), which were otherwise very different…
[NPP ref: ]
…. was that we are both open to the possibility that consciousness may not be localised to the brain, but the brain may be a vehicle, a transceiver of consciousness, rather than a generator of consciousness, and that idea of the non locality of consciousness, bumps up against a fundamental dogma of the small group of materialist scientists who advise TED. A materialist is someone who believes everything is reduced to matter including consciousness.

Hancock: The non locality of consciousness is, indeed, a theory as is the locality of consciousness. The notion that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of brain activity is not a fact. It is an idea worthy of exploration. He point is, we don’t really know what consciousness is and that conflicts with materialist dogma. Materialist dogma is the death of science. Science should remain open minded and inquisitive on unsolved questions and should not be in the business of persecuting and shutting down those who seek to enquire into those questions.
For a very long time we had the Ptolemaic model of the universe; the earth was at the centre. The sun, planets and all the stars evolved around the earth – you just had to look up at the sky and see the sun was going around the earth; it was such an obvious idea. Those who held an alternative idea that actually, the earth, the planets, were going around the sun, were at risk of their lives; they were burnt at the stake… Giordano 

Copernicus hid his research until after his death…
Gallileo: …. was shown the instruments he would be tortured with unless he accepted that the earth did not move and he recanted at the last moment and said OK, it doesn’t move!

It’s the same issue with consciousness right now. Efforts are made by materialist science to deal with anomalous evidence. For the Ptolemaic model they invented new epicycles that would explain away anomalies and now we have anomalous evidence on telepathy… 

Rose: Do you have a take on Snowden case and surveillance?

Hancock: I detest surveillance; the way our fears are being manipulated to allow the big dominant state to assert its controlling fingers into every aspect of our lives. Nothing good is going to come out of that. We are going down a very dark road when we tolerate that. Yes, there are costs when we reduce surveillance, but those costs are worth paying. We should not sacrifice our freedom and where is it going to lead? We empower these big bureaucracies more and more as we give them the right to investigate and enquire to every minute aspect of our lives. Where will it lead 10-15 years from now? Do we want George Orwell’s or 1984 or do we want to live on Aldous Huxley’s island which was a much more interesting place to be?
…. if we are to move forward as a species we need to let go of old ideas like nationalism, that our loyalty belongs to a particular nation or government which by chance we happen to be born into and move forward to communities of ideas, of free sovereign individuals who join together in groups around positive and worthwhile ideas… that’s what the internet does and allows, and it is going to reshape the world. Those structures that have been in place for pretty much the last 5,000 years are nearing the end. A new structure is struggling to be born and in the process there is this waking up of human consciousness manifesting in different ways all around the world. We live in a very interesting time. A time when we need to remember we are responsible for ourselves and our choices. Nobody else, just us and, therefore, we need to make the right choices.

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  1. Bosnian pyramids could be up to 25000 year old, remember reading his first book finger prints of the gods, really good read and set me off in a direction that we are not being told the truth, not only are most of these structures much older than we have been told we still don’t know how they were built, engineered and constructed and what tools they used.
    On another note stonehenge was built in the fifties,


  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh Andy (@1:32 pm) you wish,


    Re-construction & restoration 1954 1914

    ENGLAND: Wiltshire: EXT Archaeologists sifting through soil at Stonehenge during restoration work Workmen working to raise stone using jacks Stones of Stonehenge as lifting operations – See more at:


  3. Haha thought someone would bite, has been through a couple of resto’s apparently…

  4. Anonymous says:

    did the egyptians have a solution to microwave pollution


  5. Anonymous says:

    Does this confirm all staged shootings are professional hit jobs?

    Proof that Concealed Carry permit holders live in a dream world, Part One


  6. Anonymous says:

    Your heath counts

    Désirée Röver

    many simple truths


  7. Anonymous says:

    Web-connected lightbulbs can be hacked (who knew?!):

    Another big tick for the Internet of Things and the Total Surveillance Society…

  8. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME 1000mph

    UFO Disclosure: How We Are Being Told The Greatest Story Of All Time by Grant Cameron
    Anthony Beckett


  9. HereAmI says:

    Hancock repeats the old saw about Galileo and Copernicus. But the interesting thing is that, in this case at least, the “authorities”, ie the RCC, were correct. But no-one would doubt that they were right for all the wrong reasons; no-one should try to enforce truth with the rack; Truth will always stand up for itself unaided.
    It is a simple fact that the heliocentric model of the local system is hypothesis only. There is no external evidence to validate it, despite regular attempts by those such as Michaelis and Menten to find it. This is why individuals who were at least as intelligent as we are today; and almost certainly more intelligent, as they were unexposed to fluoride, EM radiation, pesticides, etc, entirely accepted the validity of the geocentric universe for thousands of years. This will come as a shock to those who imagine that the heliocentric theory has been proven. The entire edifice relies on the apparent internal coherence of the idea; however, there is no external validation for it.
    This is akin to the apparently overwhelming strength of Goliath; we all know how all it took was one small stone to bring him down.
    This stone I will now reveal to you. It is a small pebble called “inertia”. If earth is spinning on an axis at 1000 mph at the equator, then the water which covers it will be reluctant to accelerate along with it. Energy will be imparted to it at the ocean floor, but increasingly less so as one rises up to the surface. Net result is that the oceans will lag behind the earth, and will rise up in a life-extinguishing tsunami.
    That this does not happen, and neither does the atmosphere form into a massive unidirectional hurricane, indicates that earth is not spinning. So therefore the stars and the sun revolve around us; we are accordingly at the centre of a created universe; God has told us this repeatedly; as in “The world also is firmly established, it shall not be moved”; “The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose”, etc.
    This paradigm shift back to the truth reveals many things, amongst which is a new and finally accurate assessment of the entities which Hancock thinks we should be interacting with, and learning from; ie what are clearly revealed now to be malign forces; the fallen angels.
    There is no escaping God’s Wisdom and Power. Many wish to hide themselves beneath a new and updated fig leaf; the so-called “parallel universes”. God will drag them forth from their hiding places to face Him, at the Judgement which draws on apace.
    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and to depart from iniquity is understanding”.
    “The word of the Lord endureth for ever”.
    It is time to face up to these realities once again; because the end is nigh, and “Now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed”.

  10. HereAmI says:

    Just one more small but perfectly-formed nuclear explosion to place beneath your unwarranted complacency.
    We are told that the sun, and indeed all stars, are nuclear holocausts.
    This is quite obviously false.
    One of the reasons for this being, of course, that there is an inexplicable temperature inversion at the sun’s surface; ie at the surface, the temperature is several thousand degrees C; but 200 km above the surface, the temperature is 2 million degrees.
    Thus the energy gradient is reversed from what would be predicted by the standard model.
    The truth, as you can discover at “The Electric Universe” w/s, is that the sun’s energy actually arrives at the sun from external sources; these sources are the universal streams of high-energy plasma which are demonstrably present throughout space. The sun therefore is more akin to a lightbulb in an electric circuit than a self-contained explosive reaction.
    Thus the explanation for why the earth was darkened for 3 hours during the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ; the sun was extinguished. This will occur again before Judgement begins; see Amos 8, 9 and Joel 2, 31. If you are not au fait with this reality, you are going to have to do an awful lot of growing up in a very short period of time.
    Far better to open your heart today, to the Word of the Lord.
    It is He with whom we have to do.

  11. NPP says:

    Thanks HETT, the UFO Disclosure 2 hour video was enjoyable.

    Re comments on Hancock, he does not appear to suggest anything is set in stone. He does ask engaging questions.

    Killing others for their ideas e.g. Giordano Bruno is simply unacceptable, to my mind anyway.

    “Those structures that have been in place for pretty much the last 5,000 years are nearing the end. A new structure is struggling to be born and in the process there is this waking up of human consciousness manifesting in different ways all around the world.”
    What a lovely quote and idea, as we observe killing around the world day to day in this ‘civilized’ world of ours. All things apparently change and even the BBC might one day better engage me as TAP and like sources do.

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