Edward Snowden predicts catastrophic and ‘inevitable solar tsunami’

Edward Snowden, a former CIA agent, has predicted that series of solar flares is set to occur in September of 2013, killing hundreds of millions of people.

The documents collected by Snowden offer proof that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) learned about the existing threat 14 years ago.
Ever since the world’s governments have been working secretly since, to be well prepared for what could be termed as “Solar Apocalypse”.
Speaking from his room at the Sheremetyevo Airport’s hotel, Snowden said that the government has been working hard to be well prepared for September’s catastrophic solar flares, which can be fraught with fatal consequences, as scientists said – they can lead to the death of mankind.
The Central Intelligence Agency learned about the existing threat as long ago as 1999, but according to the government’s decision, this information was immediately made secret.
The documents collected by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said how terrible the solar flares’ results will be: two months will be needed for mankind to become non-existent.
Ever since the late 20th century, hundreds of millions of people have begun to rely on technological automation to enable their very lives.
Solar flares release electromagnetic pulses, hazardous to electronic circuits. The smallest electronic circuits, such as those in computers’ central processing units, will be the most vulnerable.
Snowden said FEMA and the National Disaster Reduction Center of China have been taking steps for 14 years in light of the findings of Project Stargate.
FEMA’s own documents, provided by Snowden, lay out how the organization plans to round up tens of millions of the poorest Americans for housing at secure locations “to better facilitate feeding and provision of consumer goods.”
“The massive electromagnetic pulse from the solar flares, or ‘the killshot,’ will shutter most of the world’s electrical systems,” said Snowden.
“The Americans whose lives are most at risk are the elderly and the infirmed, those who depend on technology to enable their receiving home care or life-sustaining medical treatment.”
Humanity is about to pay a most dire price for its technological dependence.
That price, said Snowden, proved a leading factor in his decision to come forward to the press – about both the global Holocaust to ensue, as well as NSA analysts’ power, on the slightest whim, to listen to the phone calls of any person on earth. Mankind has the right to know what it will expect in the future, no matter how dreadful it will be.
Voice of Russia, Internet Chronicle
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  1. Glan Deas says:

    Most of the thing is always secret for government. When the government have no answer then he says it is secrete.

    Kopi Luwak

  2. Anonymous says:

    will they be making a movie to try and spread more fear


    worth a look



  3. Anon says:

    I presume that this is disinformation.

    – Aangirfan

  4. Anonymous says:

    more psy war insider jokes.

    snowdon did not provide intel on jfk,yo blair,clinton or bush.
    no talk of child rape,murder and death.
    no insider mega leak intel nuttin.

  5. Anonymous says:

    the post or comment just before this one is one of the very best i have seen on the net and one we should all read twice.
    I used to be a bit green and belived all the news even the holocaust i thought it was all real, only all the scientists who now say it did not happen, has convinced me this is anaother lie
    thankyou tap. brian

  6. Anonymous says:

    This has been on the web for ages.
    Chemtrailing is removing the ozone layer

  7. this goe’s well with the aliens living in the oceans, can’t make my mind up on snowden yet, assange mk11?? who knows…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Snowden is a Greenberg family actor.

  9. Anonymous says:

    3MIN News August 12, 2013: Earthquakes, Volcanos, and Flares



  10. Anonymous says:


    3MIN News August 13: ISON Brightens? Solar Flare & Coronal Hole



  11. Anonymous says:

    Zeitgeist Creator Peter Joseph Interview on Venus Project,World Issues



  12. Anonymous says:

    This ‘coronal hole’ is more poppycock.
    Just have a look at the Sun through a welders helmet lens.
    There is no hole and the UV rays are coming in because of Chemtrailing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Was this latest revelation meant to frighten us? It’s more like bad comedy theater. They must be getting desperate.

  14. Anonymous says:

    well said anonymous 4:03, definite greenberg actor, cousin of michael jacob greenberg who plays the mark zuckerberg character:


  15. Anonymous says:

    Tony “Arsole” Blair, pretending to be a catholic and going to see the pope was more convincing than this, its gotta be another mossad psyop.

  16. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, to change the subject matter,having just read this:

    Pensioner died ‘three days after agency nurse left him lying on the floor with a broken leg next to his wife who was sat in her own mess

    What sort of “Brain Dead” Idiots Do These Agencies Employ In This Day & Age, You could not make this up if you tried.

    The problem is it actally happened, but even worse than this who in Gods Name Gives These Seemingly Poorly Qualified People Employment In The First Place.

    Whoever, is involved, should be thoroughly Investigatedm as to their Competence, together with the actual person under investigation, for they are as Guilty if not more so than the actual Perpetrator

    It is time these incompetents were weeded out, & given a Rocket up their Arses.

    I am sure there are far more suitable people who are looking for work, who could do a far better job, don’t you think?

    REGARDS ……….. WASP

  17. socialsity says:

    The possibility is there, it would take someone like Snowden to get info like this to the public. Who else would? Just because it might upset your cushy life style or preconceived and unshakable ideas about how life should be doesn’t mean there is no truth involved. You haven’t experienced it so it can’t be true, eh? Better wake up, you have to believe something, someone, somewhere along the line or your life is meaningless.
    I’m not saying this is going to happen, but it explains a lot. It fits.
    Why would Snowden have anything to say about JFK, child rape or London? Probably because he wants to reveal what is going to be immediately important to the world? Duh!

  18. Anonymous says:

    “A Material That Could Make Solar Power “Dirt Cheap”

    Followed by

    “Edward Snowden, a former CIA agent, has predicted that series of solar flares is set to occur in September of 2013, killing hundreds of millions of people.’


    Get your solar panels now while this special offer lasts. End of the World next month. Deliveries maybe difficult.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Snowden couldn’t predict his own Birthday, even if you wrote it down for him.
    He is a non person, with no photographs of his life. An Actor.

  20. Anonymous says:


    WASP’s elderly horror story 7.31pm

    13 August 2013

    Nottingham care home death: Eleven arrests

    Autumn Grange The Autumn Grange home closed in 2012

    Police probe into shut care home

    Eleven people have been arrested on suspicion of the manslaughter of an 86-year-old woman at a Nottingham care home.

    Ivy Atkin died on 22 November 2012, shortly after she moved out of Autumn Grange care home in Sherwood Rise.

    Nottinghamshire Police said five men, aged between 37 and 77, and six women, aged between 19 and 52, had been arrested.

    Five of those arrested have since been released on bail.

    Police said they were continuing to question three men and three women.

    The home closed in 2012 when its council contract was suspended.




  21. Anonymous says:

    The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks



  22. Anonymous says:

    The Next Terrorist Attack – What The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You



  23. Anonymous says:

    what did he give up.
    what he was a whistle blower on building info.
    gave up james bond type names of a spy grid.

    he gave nothing like assange.
    these 2 clowns are rothschild limited hangouts.
    take down yo blair he must have some intel yes no about blow jobs in london toilets.
    information on a dead ambassador in benghazi.

    intel on qatar or prince bandar sharing young boys with the bush clan

    psy op see

  24. Anonymous says:

    Please can i have a few minuites of your time.

    Exposing the fraud of 9/11 in 22 minutes



  25. Anonymous says:

    HETT try and keep with the present theme, you seem to be in freefall.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Have noticed all this week NATO have Chemtrailed out all the Sunsets.
    So if we cannot see where the Sun goes down, we won’t know if the North Pole is moving position.
    Without a doubt they have changed the formula for the Chemtrails, it’s now very fast acting.
    Seems they have lost control of the weather modification, Methane is being released and UV rays are coming in through the Ozone hole.
    Have checked up and it seems we are entering a Maunder type event, where the Earth cools.
    The smoke and mirrors may be covering this up, because the Elite have made Billions out of us with the Co2 carbon credits.

  27. Road_Hog says:


    The reason that this happens is that that agencies employ people on minimum wage, that generally have no qualifications and care little about their job – often these are foreigners that have no affinity with indigenous British – in this case the nurse was Zimbabwean.

    If the agencies paid reasonable wages and employed indigenous staff that cared about old people, this wouldn’t happen.

    The whole care system is based on charging as much as possible and paying people peanuts to look after them on zero hour contracts.

    I do worry, as I have no children and if I ever get frail or infirm, wonder how I will be looked after – the only good thing is I have enough money to emigrate, so I won’t die in some British care home hell hole.

  28. Anonymous says:

    In the circle of Falun Dafa practitioners, we know the catastrophic event resulting in disintegrating hundreds of millions bad people in the world along time ago. The event is definitely happen in the near future, but no one knows the exact time of happening except the Great Universe Creator. I can guest it will happen in mid-end of the Autumn this year or near future year, but I can’t know the exact time. Recent foreseeing (08 July 2013) in celestial eye of one practitioner is also mentioned about the reaction with the Sun when the catastrophic event happens: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/119498, that is coincided with what Snowden leaked. Therefore, I also guest (only guest, not affirm) this catastrophic event will happen in mid-end of this autumn (maybe at the end of September or early October 2013).
    The term “end of the world” has been spread all over since many years ago in many prophecies and predictions, that is benevolence of the Gods to warn people about the inevitable dire catastrophe, but why it still has not happened? In my opinions and perception at my level, human civilization have suffered many destructive cycles in the past (that you could find many evidences known to human today in the world) and the current civilization will also face with the end of its cycle. This civilization cycle was to be arranged to end in December 2012, however, the Great Universe Creator has extended the time for human in order to have more people saved. However, the extention time is limited and the catastrophic event may happen at any moment in the near furture.
    At the moment in this world only Falun Dafa (falundafa.org) could save people. In order to save yourselves, remember to regularly chant the mantra: ” Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness Benevolence Forbearance is good” so that you could remember it and when the catastrophic event happens you can speak it out and the Great Universe Creator will save you and enable you to step into the new era.

    We don’t need anything from you, we only want you to be saved and have the better future. Trust in Falun Dafa, you don’t lose anything. We only ask you to release the bad habits, bad characteristics, disintegrate the bad thoughts, bad ideas in your mind, elevate your moral behaviour and become good people, better people according to the standard of the universe properties: Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance, so that you could have the better life in the future.
    Remember it and it may be the last chance for you to be survived.

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