Doctors Prescribe Non-GMO Diets – Remarkable Recoveries

By Jeffrey M. Smith

Are genetically modified (GM) foods making you sick – I mean really sick? Up until recently, all we could say was, thank goodness you’re not a lab rat; GM feed messes them up big time. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) appear to trigger the immune systems of both mice and rats as if they were under attack. In addition, the gastrointestinal system is adversely affected, animals show signs of accelerated aging, and vital organs are damaged.  Lab animals can also become infertile, have smaller or sterile offspring, increased infant mortality, and even hair growing in their mouths. Have I got your attention?
Biotechnology corporations such as Monsanto try to distort or deny the evidence, sometimes pointing to their own studies that supposedly show no reactions. But when scientists such as French toxicologist G.E. Seralini reanalyze Monsanto’s raw data, the rats fed GM corn actually suffered from clear signs of toxicity – evidence that industry scientists skillfully overlooked.

Doctors Prescribe Non-GMO Diets; Remarkable Recoveries

Although there have been no human clinical trials, experts conclude that there is sufficient evidence from animal feeding studies to remove GMOs altogether. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) called for a moratorium in 2009 based on their review of the research. According to their former president Dr. Robin Bernhoft, the Academy “recommends that all physicians should prescribe non-genetically modified food for all patients, and that we should educate all of our patients on the potential health dangers, and known health dangers of GMO food.” Today, thousands of physicians and nutritionists do just that, and they report that a wide variety of health conditions improve after people make the change.
Trial consultant LaDonna Carlton, for example, had to take two pills, three times a day, to suppress the painful cramps and constant diarrhea associated with her irritable bowel syndrome.  “My doctor told me I would be on this forever,” says LaDonna. But then she met a new doctor, internist Emily Lindner, MD. “The first thing she did,” says LaDonna, “was take me off GMOs,” including soy, corn, canola oil, and sugar. “Within two months,” she says, “I didn’t need the medication any longer.”
Since LaDonna stopped preparing foods with GMOs, her husband Fred was swept along with the new diet. And he’s glad he was. “I feel 10 times better,” he says. At 73, Fred plays full-court basketball, even with two artificial knees. The new diet, he says, “made me feel much younger . . . I feel like I’m 50.”
Interior designer Carol Salb also recovered from irritable bowel, as well as cold hands and feet, thinning hair, allergies, and daily congestion.  “I felt better in two and half weeks,” she says. That was six years ago and she’s still going strong.
We interviewed former school teacher Theresa Haerle on her 25th day on the new diet and she had already shed more than ten pounds. Even more remarkable was her recovery from 30 years of colitis – on the third day of her diet. In addition, her skin problems started to clear, she had more energy than she’d had in years, and it no longer hurt to get out of bed in the morning.
Kids are recovering. One middle-schooler changed his diet and no longer suffers from incapacitating migraines and asthma. Another recovered from horrible pain in his gut.
Although these patient interviews had been set up by their physicians, at the Institute for Responsible Technology we’ve heard similar unsolicited stories for a long time. Laurie lost 35 pounds in one year. Paul’s restless leg syndrome is gone – unless he accidentally eats a GMO. Many say their symptoms go away when visiting Europe, where food companies removed GMOs long ago due to consumer rejection.
Dr. Lindner says, “I tell my patients to avoid genetically modified foods because in my experience, with those foods there is more allergies and asthma,” as well as digestive issues such as gas, bloating, irritable bowel, colitis, and leaky gut. “And what emanates from that,” she says, “is everything. Lots of arthritis problems, autoimmune diseases, anxiety . . . neurological problems; anything that comes from an inspired immune system response.”
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  1. Glan Deas says:

    I think it is great efforts from your side. Little steps are very useful for long journey All the best.

    Kopi Luwak

  2. Anonymous says:

    GMO plants are killing the Bees, when do people wake up, when they are starving ??

  3. Anonymous says:


    well intentioned but so lost.

    Bought some 1000mg Asda Vit C:-
    inc Aspartame acesulfame k plus states contains a source of phenylalanine

    5 alive juice
    inc Aspartame acesulfame k plus states contains a source of phenylalanine

    cranberries ocean spray
    GMO corn suger :- Fructose !! ++??

    So these big major monsterious Frankenstein toxic promoting companies conglomerates are queing up to add all these beneficial value added Ingredients??!!??


    so many goods now with healthy image marketed so deviously.

    To ensure you get your DAILY TOXIC DOSE.

    Aspartame acesulfame k plus states contains a source of phenylalanine & Fructose? etc will be included.

    Quite amusing when you consider the rich enjoy GMO rich “Foie Gras”

    The Cruelty of Foie Gras – How is Foie Gras Cruel to Animals?
    The production of foie gras is considered by some to be unusually cruel because the birds are force-fed a corn mash through a tube… the fattened ducks and geese may.

    High Fructose Corn Syrup (Killer Sweetener)

    Aspartame – It puts the DIE in Diet Soda + 6,000 other products

    is there no escape?


  4. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

    Ive just copied and pasted this onto Word and added a photo of rats with tumours and mentioned Bill Gates owning Monsanto shares. Its on double sided A4
    Im taking copies now into waitrose and other supermarket managers right now

    Tapblog is a catalyst and force for good

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