Don’t forget to entertain strangers

Dear Howard,

last night listened to
This time the UK’s UFO/alien abduction Hotline – founder Joanne Summercales and amazing stories from ex-military man Dave Munro.

You ask for comments and you know I think you do a great job because I sent to a greeting card and told you. I thought you interrupted too much and should have let them flow more. It’s a minor observation. It was among my favourite interviews. Well done.

I’ve just reference you in a comment on TAP at the bottom of this post:

I recommend you interview Bases 25 Part Two SSS Rachel (Black Goo):

She might blow your imagination and question what you thought you thought… the comment below explains.

NPP Comment

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”

Lovely sentence… and my angels are loverly ones, before anyone suggests dark or bad vibe angels…

Howard Hughes interviews…
UK’s UFO/alien abduction Hotline – founder Joanne Summercales and lovely witness story from ex-military man Dave Munro. Joanne Summercales aka AMMACH. I occasionally check the TV and a couple of weeks ago by chance saw a mainstream TV doc., which I thought attempted to belittle her efforts…. hang on, here we go:

I think she’s worth a listen, very pleasant woman. One of her ‘clients’ joins them, an authentic sounding chap telling of his encounter experiences; he says, to the ball of plasma 20 ft away on a Scottish beach, “Please don’t harm us and I love you!”

Perhaps Tap visitors are familiar with Howard Hughes… if not, a ‘mainstream’ news reporter e.g London Capitol Radio, following his passion and doing an alternative website best he can; an example of how individuals are shifting, to ask the questions they did not ask before in public. He says he’s just covered the Royal birth for Australian and somewhere else radio. I wonder what he would make of ‘Rachael’ who had a boy sliced open above her during a sacrificial ceremony by a reptilian Queen? Hmm… The linking thread and message is ‘love’ protects. He’s interviewed Icke, Dolan, many of the usual suspects, but this one touched me.

Wogan belittling Icke those years ago; Andrew Neil and Aaronovich mocking Alex Jones etc…. sure, various folk are deemed disinfo merchants, but if you listen to what Jones and Neil said, Jones, in his brash loud way, spoke factual sense and Neil delivered the same old same old boring fart party line stuff; as Gerald Celente might say perfectly, Neil’s a presstitute encumbered by conventional wisdom. The same with Joanne Summercales and Channel 4 documentary Alien Abductee. Her subject matter and work were mocked rather. I suspect in years (months? Let’s be optimistic!) to come the likes of Joanne Summercales will be viewed differently. She listens to people where otherwise they might have no one to share their experiences with.

As I type, it might be worth an e-mail to Howard and propose he interview ‘Rachael’; which may have been an AMMACH gig anyway, the girl talking about our green heart chakra love thang. 
Anyway, I’ve gone as per usual. The interview entertained me. I want to to visit Dave in Scotland and see plasma balls floating along the beach! Sounds the business… and the kid laying in a field, a crop circle manifests around him and a family of 4 Nordics pop out of what he thinks looks like the late 1950’s Bluebird speed car and take him on a space trip where he plays float the ball in mid air no-hands psychic style with the 2 Nordic children. Who needs the movies when you have this stuff and it just might be real! Oh yes please, I’ll have some of that.


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