CONFIRMED: US Claims Against Syria – There is no Evidence

By Tony  Cartalucci

The Wall Street Journal reveals that  the US is citing claims from Israel’s Mossad
intelligence agency fed to the  Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) []

US Attack on Syria Would be  Illegal ‘Act of War’

By Alastair  Crooke

For the US to launch a military strike  without UN Security Council sanction would
constitute an illegal ‘act of war’  against a sovereign state. (The Kosovo precedent
cannot make an illegal act  legal.) []

Is Attacking Syria Necessary  For US National Security?

By Glenn  Greenwald

“OBAMA: The President does not have  power under the Constitution to unilaterally
authorize a military attack in a  situation that does not involve stopping an actual
or imminent threat to the  nation. []

Kucinich: Syria Strike Would  Turn US Into ‘al Qaeda’s Air Force’

By Julian  Pecquet

The administration is “rushing” to what  could becoming “World War Three” based
on questionable evidence. Kucinich said. []

Does Obama Know He’s Fighting  On al-Qa’ida’s Side?

By Robert  Fisk

You can bet your bottom dollar that the  one target the Americans will not strike
in Syria will be al-Qa’ida or the Nusra  front. []

Killing Civilians to Protect  Civilians in Syria

By Marjorie Cohn and Jeanne  Mirer

A military attack would invariably kill  civilians for the ostensible purpose of
 showing the Syrian government that  killing civilians is wrong. []

When Grown Men  Cry
Syrian Father Reunited With  Toddler Son He Believed Was Killed In Chemical Attacks


This heartbreaking video shows the  moment a Syrian father is reunited with his
young son who he thought had been  killed. []

U.S. Neocon Hawks Take Flight  Over Syria

By Jim  Lobe

A familiar clutch of neo-conservatives  published a letter Tuesday urging President
Barack Obama to go far beyond  limited military strikes against Syria. []

The Broader Stakes of Syrian  Crisis

By Ray  McGovern

The more the Sunni and Shiite are  fighting each other – and thus expending their
resources on internecine warfare  – the better for Israel. [–rDObmkDb1D-5yQMpfdgZ0vp3alk_GBWHDQQ9KLG7X7042wQZpkFLKAK2Q5Vdcfqw=]

The War on Iran Begins…in  Syria

By Eric  Draitser

Despite the high-minded talk of  humanitarianism, the US is advancing a transparently
neo-colonialist agenda  aimed at securing hegemony in the region by destroying what
little opposition  remains. []

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    There was no evidence for the other Middle East wars, why should they need any for this one ??

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