Chemtrails are soft kill

There has been an increasing awareness of chemtrails in recent years. Protests have been organized, movies have been released and whistle blowers have come forward. Most significantly, former Los Angeles FBI chief Ted Gunderson made a video denouncing chemtrails shortly before his death in 2011. 
The heavy spraying began in NATO countries in the late 90s, but today chemtrails are being recorded pretty much everywhere, from Russia to Brazil, South Korea to Cuba. This is a program of extraordinary scope and importance. However, while we know a chemtrail program exists, there is very little hard information on how it functions and what its goals are. 
I have been researching chemtrails and, while I don’t yet have the full picture, I present this information will plug a few holes.
•    Most politicians are as oblivious as we are. AC Griffith, a former CIA and NSA operative, says: ‘The monies that go into CIA projects don’t necessarily come from congressional appropriations. The congress as a whole is completely oblivious to the aerosol program.  They are afraid to ask.’ 
People on the inside who oppose the program are punished. ‘One of the key people who designed the aerosol is now sitting in federal penitentiary. They still go to him to ask him questions.’

Griffith also revealed that former Clinton era Navy Chief  of Naval Operations, Jeremy Boorda, above, was murdered because he opposed the program. Boorda was found dead in 1996 with three shotgun wounds in his chest. The authorities were quick to claim he committed suicide, and the autopsy results were never released to the public. 
•    Commercial airliners are involved in spraying. In the very beginning, the aerosols were sprayed solely by military planes, but now the program has been expanded and commercial airliners have been outfitted with aerosol units controlled by computers and satellites. Photos provide evidence of this, like this Lufthansa jet flying over the US (below,left).
In the airline industry, the operation is known as Project Cloverfield  (TAP – cloverleaf?). In 2000, a high level executive at an American airline revealed his office was visited by two men from an unnamed government agency: 
‘They told us that the government was going to pay our airline, along with others, to release special chemicals from commercial aircraft. When asked what the chemicals were and why we were going to spray them, they told us that information was given on a need-to-know basis and we weren’t cleared for it…We were made to sign non-disclosure forms that basically stated that we would go to prison if we told anyone what we knew.’
Delivery by commercial aircraft raises the possibility that many countries have not given consent to being sprayed, and may be unaware it’s even happening. 
•    Weather manipulation is a daily occurrence – Chemtrails are used in conjunction with HAARP for geo-engineering (the technical term for weather control). Much is written about the ability to create disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis against an enemy, but we don’t realize that weather patterns are manipulated all the time. Scott Stevens was a TV weatherman in the US but quit his job upon realizing that this was happening on a nigh daily basis. 
Global warming is the cover story for the increasingly severe and bizarre weather worldwide. 
•    Geo-engineering is used to force GMO crops on the world. Manufactured floods and droughts damage harvests and put farmers out of business.  
Monsanto has the patent for GMO seeds that are drought and flood resistant, as well as resistant to the poisonous effects of aluminum, one of the key metals in chemtrails.  Any farmer who refuses to grow GMO crops will not be able to guarantee a good harvest and will go out of business.

Even worse, Monsanto’s end game is to force what are termed ‘Terminator’ seeds on farmers worldwide. These crops don’t produce seeds, meaning the farmer has to buy new seeds from Monsanto every planting season!
•    Weather Derivatives are chemtrail insurance. – You may wonder how the big players protect their interests from weather warfare. Say, how does George Soros, who owns thousands of acres of farmland in America, protect his profits from engineered drought? 
Companies use financial instruments to hedge against risk of adverse weather conditions. They first appeared in the late-nineties, the same time the heavy spraying started! Michael Agne, a trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, explains how they work:
‘You’re betting there’s going to be a weather disaster within a particular time-frame, at a particular location, and when it does happen there’s going to be a big pay-off.’ Obviously, insiders can make big bucks making bets based on the geo-engineering timetable. 
•    Chemtrails are a ‘soft kill’ operation – Soft kill attacks primarily aim to disable and weaken the enemy, not kill him. As Dr. Len Horowitz has explained, wars are an inefficient way to lower population numbers because they destroy infrastructure. The preferable scenario is to create a sick population dependent on the military-medical-industrial complex for their health. In this way, you have population control, make vast fortunes doing it and keep the infrastructure intact.  
Chemtrails are a multi-pronged attack.
Firstly, the metallic salts used in the aerosols are highly toxic and require our bodies to waste tremendous amounts of energy removing them. Millions of people cannot do it. In the last ten years, respiratory disease in the US has moved from 8th to 3rd highest cause of death. Asthma rates have more than doubled in the western world and Alzheimer’s’ disease, a condition that is caused by aluminum poisoning, has also skyrocketed. 
The second thing is the release of diseases. A high placed military insider claims that bacteria and viruses are freeze-dried and placed on fine filaments for release. The metals released along with the diseases heat up from the sun, creating a perfect environment for the bacteria and viruses to thrive in the air supply.  
Third, chemtrails contain nano technological weapons. Surprisingly, this fact has remained so low-key in the alternative media. It is well proven by researchers like Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and former government scientist Clifford Carnicom. 
The nanotech consists of genetically modified organisms that are basically bio-robots. When we inhale them, they take up residence in our bodies and live as parasites. When the infestation becomes advanced, the individual develops what is termed Morgellons disease. He is so weak that he can barely do anything and suffers an array of bizarre and ghastly symptoms: scabs that don’t heal, hair that falls out and is replaced by pseudo hair and unceasing crawling sensations beneath the skin.
Morgellons is a new condition that has appeared in the last decade – the same time the heavy spraying kicked in! There are an estimated 60,000+ sufferers in the US alone, and their symptoms are chronicled by the Morgellons Research Foundation.
 There is evidence that the nanotechnology in the aerosols creates genetically modified red blood cells. Clifford Carnicom has found these cells in the atmosphere and in the blood samples of most people he tests. They are quite unlike normal red blood cells; they can grow outside of the body in a petri dish, survive high temperatures and withstand being doused in acid. Clearly, this is highly sophisticated bio warfare!
We don’t know for sure what purpose they serve, but the answer may have been provided by Ray Kurtwell, one of the biggest names in the transhumanism movement. In a recent speech he said: ‘In the next 25 years we will have bloodcell -sized devices that go inside your body and keep you healthy from inside, that go in your brain and interact with your biological neurons and merge with our biological intelligence.’
When an establishment scientist tells us with certainty that something will exist, assume that it already does. There is a chance that the ‘blood-cell sized devices’ that Kurtwell mentioned are the weaponized red blood cells being discovered, and that mind alteration is currently underway.  
•    How do the perpetrators protect themselves? The Illuminati never launch an attack without making sure they’re protected first. For instance, President Bush took an anthrax vaccine two weeks before the anthrax attacks in 2001. They may drink a solution once a day that removes the toxins from their bloodstream, or have a chip put in their arm that acts like a tiny dialysis machine.  
Many involved in the operation probably don’t know the true agenda. Dr. Bill Deagle was a doctor at Buckley air force base and claims to have treated the pilots who were spraying the aerosols, ‘95% of them told me they were up there spraying to reflect the sun to stop global warming, so most of them are dumb enough to believe that garbage.’ 
The Illuminati are vandalizing the skies, as visibly as a graffiti artist spraying a wall, and yet most of us remain oblivious. Like little else, chemtrails bring home just how desperate our predicament is.   
Despite this, I think anti-chemtrail activism has tremendous potential. The existence of the operation is easy to prove and we have the testimony of many whistle blowers. The protest movement can continue to generate momentum because chemtrails will persist for decades to come. 
David Richards, 24, teaches English in Mongolia. He is a regular contributor. 
Makow Comment- Citizens should form committees in every city to monitor and photograph chemtrail activity; educate the public and spread awareness; and to petition politicians and media. The Illuminati positively hate spontaneous political activity they don’t initiate and control. This is a great way to increase consciousness about the NWO conspiracy. 
The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    They are killing us.

    water, air & food ETC all part of the plan.

    The military would call it a pincer movement. there’s no escape.

    when in your vulnerable time of need.

    NOW GMO Frankenstein German fraudulent HESS intravenous drips

    Hydroxyethyl starch

    Face the FactsThe Defiance of Science

    The commonly used medical ‘drip’ that may have caused thousands of unnecessary deaths



  2. Anonymous says:

    Lynn De Rothschild had her phone tapped by Chris Cooper investigations who do a lot of secret government work, she admitted it was a rothschild operation to get control of the food supplies. they already own the drinking water and the weather, we sit and wait for our extinction

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Well according to WASP Rothschilds are jesuits, i am confused, are the jews really disguised jesuits as claimed ? i just dont know anymore, does anyone ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    They are all in it together.
    Problem is, we are out of it.
    We are the cannon fodder.

  6. Anonymous says:

    he jews have been the enemy of christians right back to when they had jesus killed, remember christ did not come to form christians but to reform the jews from their evil ways.
    even back then jesus lost his temper in the synagogue with the money changers ( jewbankers ) and smashed the place up

  7. Anonymous says:

    The above comment is correct but goes a little further back in history to the last king of the Jews, John Hycranus, and of course the fundamental problem started in Eden with miscegenation hence we have the Adamic (man)line and the Cain (Rod–Wroth–Roth) line. It may well have been that Cain and Abel were twins, Cain being of the Serpent line and Abel being of the Adamic line.
    The following links, though lengthy, make an interesting read and provoke thought.


  8. Anonymous says:

    well it makes sense to me when wasp says tony blair and ed milliband are reptilian rothhild offspring, just look at them !!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I understand our politicians like in the USA are controlled by jews, what i cant understand is why our soldiers are so stupid they go fight wars for them ?
    my fathers generation alwys said that W W 2 was for the jews, that should have been enough, and why promote homosexuality all the time, our children should be sacred

  10. Anonymous says:

    It could be something simple. Just obscuring the sky a little can have disastrous effects on visual monitoring by spy satellites. The other consequences or effects are of no matter.
    When it comes to mass inocculation of the population it is just illogical to do it in such a way. Since I know little about the science of geo engineering and HAARP . I can’t really comment on how trailing could help, though a possibility
    Still not much trailing over the south east uk today

  11. Anonymous says:


    22 August 2013 18:05

    Jim Davidson: ‘No complaints’ over police inquiry

    Jim Davidson: “I kept working because I’m innocent”
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    Jim Davidson not to face sex charges

    Comedian Jim Davidson says he has “no complaints” against the police, after learning he will not face charges over alleged sexual offences in the UK.

    The 59-year-old was twice arrested by detectives from Operation Yewtree, which was set up after the Jimmy Savile scandal – although his arrest was not linked to the late DJ.

    The CPS said on Wednesday he would face no further action in the UK.

    Mr Davidson told reporters he was “pleased” by the outcome.

    “Allegations are allegations,” he said. “Anyone can make an allegation and I think the public were slightly aware that people were making allegations for the sake of it.”
    Police “very thorough”

    “If you put yourself in the position of the police, complaints are made, they’re reported by yourselves and the police have to act them out.

    “I think the police have been very thorough. I have no complaints against the police whatsoever.”

    Mr Davidson has consistently denied the allegations against him.

    The CPS said it had considered 10 such allegations but that there was “insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction”.

    One remaining claim has been referred to an authority outside the UK.

    Operation Yewtree was launched following revelations that former BBC presenter Savile had sexually abused hundreds of young people and children over four decades.

    The three strands of the operation encompass investigations into the actions of Savile; allegations against “Savile and others”; and complaints against other people unconnected to the Savile investigation.

    So far, 14 people have been arrested under the operation. Three of these have been charged, including publicist Max Clifford and former BBC DJ Dave Lee Travis; five have been released without further action and six remain on police bail.


  12. Anonymous says:

    what you have to remember is that Ji davidson and others are all accused of abusing girls, any cases of boy abuse such as the massive evidence in the saville cases, are not logged by goverbment order.
    Cameron himself has said he does not want to see the homosexual agenda disrailed.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Cameron, is he Quare or what ??

  14. Anonymous says:

    Cameron must be sweating knowing that this charade of just celebrities being named and shamed for underage sex is only going to last so long.

    Jimmy Savile was the final nail in the coffin, as the connection between pedos and upper society is going to be a permanent monkey on their back now.

    Anyone with half a brain knows this goes far higher into the upper echelons of society than the egotistical celebs that you see on the Tell-Lie-Vision.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ben Fellows?

    what the latest?

  16. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, just a quick Comment, I have just noticed:-

    BIG ARCHIE: Annon @ 3.33, you’r the third one down 3 x 333 = 999 invert = 666

    Thats not a good Number To Be “Throwing Around Tap’s Blog, Is It?

    I Would Say You Are A Disinformation Merchant!

    I’m Not Cheesy, Not Jewish, Just A WASP who Uses His BRAIN

    For The Less ADEPT, At Deductive Reasoning.

    Not All Jews are Jesuits, Not All Jesuits Are Jews.

    Not All JESUITS Are SMOMS, Not All Jews Are SMOMS.

    Not All Catholics Are Christians, Not all Jesuits Are Christians.

    All Catholics, & Jesuits Are Under Papal Control.

    The White Pope, Is Subservient To The Black Pope.




    ALL SMOMS ARE CATHOLICS, Many Of Whom, Are Jesuits





    The Catholic Church, Is The Largest Corporation The World Has Ever Known.

    Rothchild a SMOM, & a JESUIT is Custodian of The Vatican Treasury. ……… Q.E.D.

    If I have time I will send an update on Chem-Trails, before the Protest Marches, with information you might not be aware of.


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