Cameron’s still hungry for blood in Syria

Anonymous said…
I was watching Sky News today at about 1pm and all the Presenters/Anchors (whatever they claim to be) looked physically depressed.

TAP – I watched a news bulletin for a few seconds this evening, on BBC with Nick Robinson.  They’ve obviously been told to keep the war live, and to create a narrative that permits the ‘humiliated’ Cameron to have another go.  The Prime Murderer must have his way or these minions will be dismissed and replaced with nonentities even more compliant than the current lot.  The rebelling MPs will be given the third degree, and threatened with exposure of their private lives etc.

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  1. Chris Jones says:

    Keep writing/contacting and reminding your MP’s or devolved government representatives that they have a duty to keep this up. They have been charged and woken up by public opinion..

  2. Anonymous says:

    The vitally important fact is that the “We the People” have spoken and we have shaken the nation, & the world.

    Don’t take any notice of the media in UK or USA and by no means listen to the govt lies from the USA ’cause their govt. is worse than our own in terms of lies and consistent deceptions. As in the UK, the people in the USA are the core, the heart and soul of the country and they don’t want to go to war either and i bet if they are contacted we will know we are not alone in trying to stop this insanity.

    As i’m writing this, stephen dixon on Sky news is using emotionalism in his berating comments to a lady from Stop the War coalition but, she is taking him to pieces with a very informed and intelligent argument. Our time is NOW! reiverdave

  3. Road_Hog says:

    Can somebody give me a link to see which way my MP voted on the matter?

    Chris White representing Warwick.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Be prepared for a big hit far worse than the massacre of children in Syria which was yet again another child sacrifice to their (USA) demons. If at first they don’t succeed they will be sure to try again and again each time getting worse so that public opinion will inevitably give way to their demands.
    Thank God we have some little semblance of democracy left in this country (UK) were as the US has suffered a coup d’etat and is now clearly a dictatorship run by Obama the dictator who lives in coo coo land.
    Irrespective of the fact that only 9% of the American people are in favour of action against the Syrian government and irrespective of the outcome of waiting for the UN inspectors report (which incidentally I think will be rigged) Obama has already massed his naval fleet off Syrian shores.
    Be assured the UN inspectorate can only determine that chemical weapons were used, not who used them or what side fired the trigger. I’m of the opinion it was the Mercenary CIA Party known as The Rebels but that’s my opinion and the reason they were used is that Assad is winning the fight and that the mercenary rebels need reinforcement via UN mandate for western involvement.


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