British troops already in Syria. Parliamentary debate is for show.

British SAS Troops Already Deployed in Syria, Ahead of Parliamentary Vote on Thursday

British special forces have already been deployed in Syria to clear the path for a missile strike to take place possible over this coming weekend

21st Century Wire says…

The UK’s Mirror newspaper has already let loose that British SAS special forces have already been deployed in Syria to take out Syrian air defense unit and also to provide laser spotting for Tomahawk cruise missile targets which will be fired from British Navy’s nuclear submarine HMS Tireless, already repositioned in the Mediterranean.

IMAGE: Special forces preparing laser sight target positions for incoming guided pakage.

The US military has the same program in play, albeit much larger and well-equipped for a longer sustained attack than the British

The missile attack on Syria could very well be followed-up by an air strike and heavy bombing campaign shortly afterwards, which will be conducted by French, US and Israeli, and possibly with some Turkish air military assets. A large contingent of US drones will almost certainly be deployed as a first wave for any US air strike.

It is expected that the UK Parliament will vote in favour of a military strike this Thursday, as both Tory and Labour whips have already announced publicly that they have their MP’s in line on this vote already, and that the initial attack could very well happen over this long weekend, with ‘the markets opening up on Tuesday for trading as normal’. 

As it is now known that at least the British have already deployed assets in Syria, then it will cast doubt over the whole purpose of the Parliamentary system, with many voters already believing that the government is simply going through the motions and democratic formalities even though the decision to go to war has already been decided in advance.

Here is the UK’s Daily Mirror, revealing the pre-deployment of British military assets, includingSAS, Special Boat Service, Special Reconnaissance Regiment and MI6 spies, in Syria in advance of the vote…

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3 Responses to “British troops already in Syria. Parliamentary debate is for show.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If the Politicians do vote for war, that will be the definitive act that shows we are run by Aliens.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If these traitorous scum try to take us into yet another war the military personnel should refuse to obey orders en-masse. They would be fully supported by the public.
    Let this be our Aleksander Potemkin moment!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My old man was attached to the Long Range Desert Patrol Group during WW2, the forerunner of the modern SAS.

    I cant imagine my father being one who would kill innocent non combatants in cold blood, as todays special services do routinely

    The word hero has been so overused to the point that effeminate screamers such as football players get the title bestowed upon them.

    The heros of the past were of a different calibre to nowadays.

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