Ben Fellows arrested

Concerns his allegations made to the police re Ken Clarke handling his private parts.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Listen ere, Listen ere you plebs,

    i is just doing “work” my job,


    i got my number i sold my soul.

    We just doing their bidding

    Were on pay role n know our place, sorry pecking order.have Govt inflated bills to pay also.

    Many of my palls have been sacked lost their jobs so i will comply.

    You are all loose cannons spilling the beans here there n every where.

    These guys are in their places of elite for a good reason diplomatic immunity deviant games in the shadows away from prying eyes

    Alien Heath had it right simply get rid of the evidence. “splash plop ye know not”.

    witnesses witnesses evidence proof is all they hate.

    Be strong as the truth hurts keep banging on their doors but beware they bite.


  2. Anonymous says:


    i dont need a man.

    who shaved my beard off,

    be pc

    Dog eat Dog

  3. Anonymous says:

    I suggest the police were giving “pay-back” to send a message to Ben and anyone else that you cannot challenge the system or any establishment figure.

    I believe Ben should sue the police via a common law court for wrongful arrest and unwarranted harassment.
    A reasonable fee of say 1,000 pounds per hour should be levied to compensate Ben for his wasted time in police custody. If everyone harassed and wrongfully detained in this way were to take the police to court we just might make a start to stop all this fascist nonsense and force the establishment to realise they ARE indeed accountable to “We the People” Good luck Ben, Reiverdave

  4. Anonymous says:

    Excellemt advice re 3:11 am.
    what about distress, time out etc, for Ben & friends plus costs for preparing & chasing this case.
    Surely the invading of his pivate dwelling costs for lost time of equipment removed plus all damages also. make a list etc etc.

    Any other advice out there folks?


  5. Jim Graham says:

    Gestapo warning tactic. They are afraid, and they have good reason to be. Spoke to a lady from USA, mirror image over here.

    Thousands of folk are waking up on a daily basis. It’s in their face and getting hard to ignore or dismiss.

    The masses may not be highly educated or socially upmarket, but they can join up the dots with the best of them.

    When the page has enough dots, and that will be sooner rather than later, the image will be clear.

    When that happens, stand well back, no need to light a touch paper, it will erupt from it’s own volition, and the consequences are obvious.

    So I say to all public servants, now is the time to ball-up, because after the eruption, reprisals will inevitably follow.

    I know what side I’m gonna be on, the winning side, the people’s side, the right side.

    Ben, if they try their usual dirty tricks, we will be on to them, we will support you whatever way we can. Physically and financially, this man and his family and friends must be supported.

    Hold Fast, Jim Graham.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Trust plod to get it wrong, it’s causing justice to be served on the pervert, you flipping nincompoops!

    But regardless, justice has been served, ol’ clarkey is certainly not as cocksure as he once was.

    Well done Ben!

  7. HunterM says:

    What happened to Tom Watson’s questioning in Parliament to Bilderberger Clarke, on whether he had declared his status? And what happened to the question of how Bilderberg Meetings had charity status? And did we get an answer on who exactly paid for this years fiasco in Watford?

    Lots of questions and very few answers

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