Balcombe anti-fracking Blockade enters day 13

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Educating the Police on Fracking
Balcombe Report - Day 8 
Balcombe Report – Day 8

The Balcombe Blockade is about to enter Day 13. The campaign to raise awareness of the dangers associated with the FRACKing process are being aided by a constant stream of political gaffes. Last week Lord Howell (George Osborne’s Father-in-Law) stated that Fracking should be restricted to, ‘the desolate Northeast of England!‘ Needless to say that this annoyed the population of the not-so-desolate Northeast. The following day Lord Howell(er) then ‘corrected’ himself by stating that he had really meant, ‘the desolate Northwest!‘ Having effectively raised the hackles (and awareness) of the entire population living north of the M62, Energy Minister Michael Fallon added insult to injury by claiming that the people of the southeast needed to get used to Fracking. Then in an apparently unguarded reference to the prospect of fracking causing seismic events, Fallon reportedly said that fracking would test the thickness of Rectory walls! Consequently, these two Government sociopaths did an outstanding job of getting the fracking agenda into the wider consciousness.

The fruits of my recent Sixty Three date ‘FRACKtured FUTURE’ tour are paying off. It is fantastic to see so many people at Balcombe who are there as a result of attending one of these events. In addition, nine local anti-fracking groups have been spawned as a result of these events. The last one being ‘Worthing Against Fracking’, which held its inaugural meeting last Thursday evening. It was wonderful to address representatives of ‘Friends of the Earth’, ‘Greenpeace’, ‘Transition Town’ and the ‘Downlanders’ all uniting in their opposition to the Fracking abomination.

I am also pleased to report that I am now helping individuals prepare for meetings with their MP’s, MEP’s and Local Councils as they take the initiative to express their concerns at the contamination risks which fracking will undoubtedly cause in their respective communities.

Police with UK Column_1During August I will be participating and reporting from the Balcombe Blockade as often as possible. Primarily, I will be continuing my campaign to raise awareness amongst the Sussex Police contingent. Most of these Police Officers live in the County and many live in areas that are already licensed for Shale Gas exploration. Last week, I distributed over 300 copies of the latest edition of UK Column amongst the protesters and the Police; encouraging them to read the double page ‘Fracking Nightmare’ feature on page 18. Many of the Police Officers read the article in between escorting the trucks onto the wellsite but I sense that many are starting to realise that they might actually be batting for the wrong team!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Engineers correct me if I am wrong.
    Fracking shatters the shale and destroys the strength of the overhead ground.
    Can mining for coal still be carried out in the same area.
    There are hundreds of years supply of coal still in the ground, that we may need one day.
    The coal should be taken out first, or they will never be able to get it out.
    What is in our Politicians heads, obviously, not common sense.

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