Aussies Blow Lid Off BP Gulf Oil-Corexit Deaths, ‘Health Catastrophe’ Cover-Up

Australia’s 60 Minutes national television program has become the first major media to expose the truth that BP’s oil and Corexit, that the petrochemical-military-industrial complex (PMIC) carpet-bombed Americans along the Gulf of Mexico coast, has caused illness and deaths, a “health catastrophe.”

“When petroleum giant BP spilled millions of litres of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico three years ago, it was the worst ever offshore oil disaster. Now, this environmental disaster is a health catastrophe,” 60 Minutes says in its Special Report, Crude Solution – Part 1. (Emphasis added)
“It was the world’s worst ever oil disaster,” 60 Minutes stated. “To try and break up that slick, vast quantities of chemical dispersant was sprayed on the spill. It seemed to work: The oil disappeared.”
But, people started getting sick, and then, people started dying,” the reported said after 60 Minutes conducted what it calls its special investigation. “Now, this environmental disaster has become a health catastrophe.”
To date, not one American major media television has reported this health catastrophe to the public, as detailed in Vampire of Macondo where this Gulf Operation that began in April 2010 is referred to as chemical genocide.
How can this health catastrophe be happening?
“We are basically being killed from the inside out,” one Gulf Coaster told 60 Minutes. (Watch 60 Mintes video Summary below.)
“How can this be happening?” Len Bahr, PhD asked, the same question being asked across the coast. “How can state and federal officials allow the people they swore to protect to be so abused by a foreign corporation?”
But then, how could Corexit be used to literally carpet bomb the entire stretch of the once pristine, white, fine sand along the Gulf Coast – and everyone anywhere near it?
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