Are you living in a comfortable prison?

Hi Tap, I posed the Question Yesterday as a Generalisation to your Readers viz.  “CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH”, many think they can but Scurry back to the safety of their ISOTROPIC ENVIRONMENT, Shielded from the effects of Actual Reality, that might cause a Perturbation & Shake Them Out Of Their Complacency, into Accepting the fact that we are controlled by PARASITIC, THIEVING PSYCHOPATHS, via CORPORATIONS CONTROLLED BY ROME, & CANNON LAW

FROM THE POST mentioning Jesuits  –   This got through The Radar, in Comments, A Typical Nebulous comment, stating what many people would like to think is what happened, for the reasons given MainStream.

Anonymous said…
whoever it is that uses the name wasp, is either cracked or a deliberaate muck spreader, all this shit about jesuits is quite comical, 9/11 etc has been proved to be a jewish event
.jews jews jews got it ?
8:50 am

Any Jews that were involved were Catholic Jews, many of whom, go by the name of ZIONISTS c.f. JESUITS

I doubt if Anon has any Idea of The system that was used to bring down TWIN TOWERS, & would like to think that Aviation Fuel on release &  Spontaneous Ignition had sufficient Energy to Melt the Steel & Cast Iron used in the BUILDINGS STRUCTURES, as per OFFICIAL SUMMARY.  A COMPLETE & ABSOLUTE LOAD OF BOLLOCKS, & That The Jews Were responsible, which is a Typical “BRAIN DEAD” Comment, from someone not wishing to face Reality. THE JEWS ARE THE SMOKE SCREEN & MIRRORS, Just Like Pepper’s Ghost.
It is a well known fact that the planes were stacked with Specialist High Explosive, Shaped Thermite Broach Bomb Devices, passed off as Thermal Insulation, they probably also contained Depleted Uranium, added to which, The Tail Trim Weight was Depleted Uranium.  A Well Known Pyrophoric Agent.
This combination would then have the Potential the Melt Steel & Vaporise much of the contents of the Building. The Third Tower had been wired to blow as an Insurance Scam. The Twin Towers contained vast quantities of Asbestos Insulation, & an aging Infrastructure so it would have  posed considerable problems, rectifying these risks, it was for them, an ideal choice, whose destruction would be Blamed on The Muslim Patsies, & implement the necessary excuse to start their War on Terror, & ultimately lead to Restriction In Personal Liberties. The Excuse being that it was necessary as a Counter Measure To Combat The Terrorist Threat, cf this to <a href=”“>The Reichstag Fire</a> , which heralded the on set of a Total Dictatorship in The THIRD REICH, who also had a Concordat with Rome. I doubt that it is necessary for America to have a Concordat with Rome, as it is controlled by Rome already.
Controlled by The JESUIT GENERAL Hidden in Plane Sight,
When reading this remember E2 is the Pope’s Official Representative in The Fiefdom of Britain, so the fact that she is saId TO OWN MORE LAND THAN THE POPE IS OF NO CONSEQUENCE, as he is the “TOP KING” under the control of The Black Pope. who at the time was Kolvenbach, who might still be so. fronted by Nicolas

Julia gave this Link Comfortable Prisons, should you have missed it, which is well worth looking at, because who want’s to give up their Creature Comforts, when Push comes to Shove?

Now Back to Brass Tacks  
Why are so many incredibly important news stories completely ignored by the mainstream media in the United States?  Why do they seem to want to avoid many “controversial questions” as if they were the plague?  Why does the media tend to label those that are willing to ask the hard questions and seek the truth as “conspiracy theorists”?  Sadly, the truth is that the mainstream media in America does not do much real journalism anymore.  At this point, approximately 90 percent of what you see on television is controlled by just 6 giant media corporations.  That is why “the news” seems to be so similar no matter what channel you watch.  Well, it turns out that a lot of Americans are getting tired of the safe, censored, pre-packaged news that they get from the corporate-controlled media.  One recent poll found that 77 percent of all Americans do not trust television news at this point.  This distrust has helped fuel the rise of the alternative media, which has absolutely exploded in recent years.

There are more Posts to follow, started but not yet completed.

Keep up The Good Work Tap.


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