440hz music detunes us from natural 432hz harmonics

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Thanks for posting the Coast to Coast interview with Michael Tellinger


Ive listened to quite a few of his interviews and find his work very interesting and thought provoking , i am of the same belief that we are a genetically engineered slave species, my own research leads me to believe that there are at least six different species of human beings on earth that were genetically engineered to work under different climatic conditions ,by more than one extra terrestrial race competing for the earth`s resources. 

In the coast to coast interview Michael mentions the large structures that can generate energy using sound, fascinating subject, for some reason it reminded me of the 440hz – 432Hz – 528Hz debate so i thought i would post some links for you to look at , hope you find them of interest.

440hz Music – Conspiracy To Detune Us From Natural 432Hz Harmonics?


Does Conspiracy Extend to Musical Scale? 


Truth of “love freqency” 528 Hz = SATANIC


And i thought i would throw this into the mix with regards to Dr. Leonard Horowitz and 528Hz 

The Leonard Horowitz and Joseph Goebbels Dial Tone 


Sorry its a bit long winded.

Make of this what you will

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