Why did Easyjet pilot ask ATC if he could ditch his ‘water’?

A colleague heard an Easyjet declare a return to Bristol due to an emergency. He (the pilot) asked ATC if he could ditch his “water”, I wonder now if it was some kind of chemical?


TAP –  Easyjet are paid to spray chemtrails.   The build-up of particulates in the atmosphere has devastated our weather.  Sun is blocked each day and no one’s getting enough Vitamin D.  This vital vitamin protects you against all kinds of diseases and decline.

Have you noticed you don’t hear thunder any more or see lightning?  That’s because the air is filled with the results of aerosol spraying.  There is no heaviness any more after a hot spell, followed by a storm to clear the air.  All that stuff’s gone as the global elite press on with intensive spraying of the skies over the world’s populations.

This is the globalist depopulation agenda writ large, Agenda 21.   You can see it in the skies above your head every day.  Read on this blog what you can do to protect yourself and the people you want to help.  Tell everyone you can.  If people knew and politicians talked, the programme would be discussed and might be stopped.  While we are dumb and not even talking about what is obviously happening, we are more vulnerable.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Links for two short videos of heavy
    spraying in Surrey. 30 June 13



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