TAP – some commenters have mentioned ambulances today.  Why are they continually
blaring their sirens?  Are they endlessly on emergency runs?
Or have they been instructed to keep the stress levels high everywhere?
A month ago, I saw ambulances on emergency call in our street three times.
One lady of 70 died of a stroke.  The others I don’t know, but in one, I saw a med entering the
house with emergency resus kit and serious face.  It was an exceptionally high level of
activity out of the blue.  It was before the hot weather started.

DANYA writes –

I read the comment about the ambulances, I’be noticed it as well, I’m hearing them 

all the time. 

I was in a shop a couple of weeks ago and the shop assistant even mentioned it to 

her friend, how she’s hearing them constantly. 

Honestly, I’m not surprised, it really is hard to breathe here today. 

I think the middle classes are definitely being targeted.

(TAP –  How is Windsor Castle doing?)