‘When a father consciously hurts a child, no one wants to believe you, and when it’s realised they were wrong, no one wants to admit it’

Anonymous said…
Try and meditate over this sentence..

“When a father consciously hurts a child, nobody wants to believe you and when they realize they were wrong, nobody will want to admit to it.”

I have encountered countless cases like Vicky Haigh’s. She is innocent. The various people who post on the internet condemning her only confirm that the UK today is a shithole of half-wits, cruel characters, corruption and ignorance. Everybody who knows 2 things about the UK justice and child protection system knows that the system routinely frames people to distract from it’s own misdeeds.

The recent antics Vicky Haigh had to endure only confirm further that the system turns against her because it fears her, as she is one of the very view who came out with her story and asked for help.

Sexual abuse of children by their father happens all the time, so why not in Britain? Deal with it. Deal with it that Pedophiles can be father’s too, some of them even rent out their children to other pedophiles, some of them even film their children when they are tortured. Deal with it.

Oddly, Vicky Haigh’s little daughter is named Sapphire, after the very same useless child abuse investigation team at the police that screwed up her case and that now faces shut down.. due to corruption and incompetence.


Instead of the judiciary responding to the likelihood that team Sapphire has screwed up unlimited cases of mothers reporting sexual abuse, they typically close ranks and make an example of Vicky Haigh who had the guts to come forward and fight for her child. Honestly, you should be all ashamed to be British when such orchestrated miscarriages of justice like this can just happen in plain sight and you still don’t wonder how that’s possible. Britain rapidly descents into fascism and the way a society treats children and mothers indicates how corrupt it’s soul is. In line with this I have to assess that Britain is at the end.

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vicky haigh said…

Vicky Haigh says,
Thank you for your comment. I agree it is unfortunate that the masses in the UK are ignorant to the corrupt antics in the police and secret family courts. They were invented by paedophiles, to be run by paedophiles, to protect paedophiles. I have listened to the poor abused souls that survived the Welsh care homes, telling of the senior police officers, judges and MP’s who abused them.

I myself have been completely bewildered at the way my daughter has been ignored by a system supposedly set up to protect children.

I have many mothers contact me with EXACTLY the same story as mine. They report abuse and have their children taken.

I believe I am feared but it is easy to silence me, as they throw me behind bars for any reason. It is funny being in prison when one is not a criminal, merely a very protective loving mother.

Please get in touch with me. I am working with David Gale who has set up “kids for cash”. He wants to out paedos in the family justice and care system.

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Sabine McNeill said…

I posted your remarkable comment on the site I built for Vicky: http://bit.ly/11HRwl8
At the time, it got me a gagging order with threat of imprisonment from Doncaster Council.

I had one from Swansea Council before for publishing another story on www.victims-unite.net

And later I got one from Haringey Council for what I published on www.gloriamusa.wordpress.com

On this Dossier of Evidence I put everything I could find on the web:


THANK YOU for seeing things the way they unfortunately are and not mincing your words about what you see!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please remember all is not so simple or so black & white.

    Problem is I know Vicky & she is NO young innocent angel herself having a long, decades of checkered history.

    jumping from many wealthy international partners happy to defraud rob malign double deal many folk for her own benefit.

    While you focus on men this seems to effect ALL Men TOXIC-ALLY eventually.

    Especially by those who all too easily want to believe the worst. Please those who judge are not always so pure.

    Some women / people are so keen to believe the worst about new men they come across.

    Please remember many men have good mothers loving loyal wifes & daughters. who are horrified & devastated to hear destructive & damaging rummers of their loved ones.

    I am well aware of many new women who seem to disrespect the value of marriage enjoying multiple short term relationships ending a multi (race) child family. even targeting trusting stupid men for their seed then life time of debited payslips for each child.as supported by the system.

    Having a short sighted dolly mixture fatherless family is costly to hard workers & tax payers & seems to serve no one. & yet it seems “by design” when you read taps blogs & many expose stories out their eg the benefits of womens lib the pill equal rites.great leaps of freedoms have been enjoyed but im always a little concerned if things are too biased.

    What exactly is wrong with a stable Christian family unit. we are not in a perfect world but is the alternative really any better?.where is the time tested proof?

    Vicky’s attitude has been above the law. damming the name of a previously good named man whom she clearly had good plenty of time to make an educated decision befor the choice of marriage? the choice of birth? If she had any depth of character she would have worked around any personal issues.

    The typical bond between the child & mother is well known.

    If she was the strength of character of many mothers she would have had greater commitment to make this short desperate relationship work even with help from family friends or specialists.?


    Remember birds of a feather flock together.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Seems Ken has an axe to grind.
    Vicky may have had a chequered past we cannot know what was going through her mind.
    However as a Christian, I myself must give her the benefit of the doubt.
    We cannot blame Vicky for having a Legal system run by Freemasons.
    We cannot blame Vicky because Family courts are Secret.
    Not even Vicky can take the blame for disrupted family life.
    At the end of the day we must support Children, and when they are old enough we must listen to them.

  3. vicky haigh says:

    Thank you for your comment. I agree with much of it, not quite all as I was there at many events you describe, but I can’t remember you been present, therefore your accounts are not entirely true to fact!
    I am glad you are supportive of the many women who are having their children snatched in the secret family courts, God, I am sure never intended this to happen.
    Please keep following the blogs.
    God bless you
    Vicky Haigh

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