What’s the reason for chemtrailing the air we breathe?

Hi Tap, many thanks for excellent article you posted referenced below……Hope you find the time to read some personal observations i have with regard to chemtrails..

in times gone past ancients worshipped the sun because they recognised their evolution was tied to that great big shiny object in the heavens…

In The Field Of Chemtrails…..

There has been much brilliant and dedicated research work done by brave and determined reporters and researchers all over the world in an attempt to get to grips with identyfying the  many facets and reasoning behind the chemtrail agenda. My hope here is to add to that discussion in a positive way.

 It seems to me that the core issue behind the agenda to mass earosol spray in Earths atmosphere has not been properly located or studied and talked about in any great detail.  i would therefore like to generate some  debate on what i think is the core reason for the operation of chemtrailing and to develop conversation as to the notion that there is even more to the chemtrail paradigm than most folk are ready to acknowledge.

They have at least 2 clear methods for spraying, there is the very high level spraying activity, which leaves very high altitude haziness and turns the colour of the sky a pastel blue. There is also the lower level spraying activity which seems to be either at the front of weather systems or sometimes underneath the weather systems, but most certainly interacting with the weather systems and having the effect of increasing the cloud cover and relative depth, also where holes appear in the cloud cover sometimes you might see the planes spraying heavily to fill those gaps. Yes to create cloud cover, but in my opinion, only so they can gain the opportunity to aquire absolute full blanket coverage above the clouds in total saturation of the surrounding atmosphere without drawing any attention to their activity. I believe they require full levels of saturation to absorb as much energy from sun light and cosmic rays as is possible.

I believe  Goepolitical weather control mechanisms is a not their main aim in this program.

The ingredients used in the chemtrails seem to have the effects of stripping the electrical charge from the sun rays as they pass through our atmosphere and through the aerosol trails which spread out to form a dense blanket in the usually cloud covered skies.  Global dimming is the pronounced effect observerd with the phenominem of chemtrailing.
 ( google “global dimming” )

 The lack of thunderstorms is in my opinion more evidence of this aspect. So the conclusion for me is ~ rather than just simply reflecting the sun rays, the chemtrails actually dis-charge the charge held in sunlight and cosmic rays as they pass through them.
The minute chemtrail particles also quite deliberately play havoc with the human central nervous system and hormonal system.

If you enter a room where the air conditioning has been on then the air can feel quite different, not just cooler, but also it has a different texture to it. it may feel crispy for example, this is an effect that the conditioning system has on the air molecules,and we can observe this effect in the air we breath outdoors in areas where there is heavy spraying activity one can go out doors and feel this air conditioning effect quite clearly.
For example cold crisp air on a warm sunny day is a common occurance even in the height of summer.

There is a question that is not looked at in great enough depth imo when observing the phenomena of aerial spraying and that is : Why are they really doing it ? 

i do not feel there is enough debate with regard to tackling the potential reasons that lie at the core of this program of mass aerosol spraying in our atmosphere. There are many layers we need to identify and peel back, before we reach the core reason detre that underpins project chemtrail.

If we look at Al Gores global scampaign to “make people aware of global warming”,  for which there actually was not a scientific case, we can soon realise there was and is many alternative layers attached to this  chemtrailing onion. for example, one was to make some rather big money through weatherwars programs and hedging the crop indices to build massive profit spreads, while another to provide a “legit” cover for the “geoengineering ” campaign if and when the story eventually broke in MSM, are just a couple of these “layers” and as with all layers we get to unpeel our way to what i believe is the eventual core of the debate.

[ As part of the program for global chemtrailing  to be effective they had to disrupt the jet streams and also the atlantic conveyor system, which i believe was accomplished a couple of years ago. Disrupting and stalling these weather systems allowed them to spray more efficiently and for prolonged periods.] try google ” atlantic conveyor stalled”.

We can say another layer of the reasoning behind the chemtrail program is “weather wars” for genocide and to diminish the global capacity for food production thereby qualifying a purposeful reduction in the amount of people the planet can sustain ~ Human depopulation agenda.

On another level If we examine the ingredients used in the aerosol system then we might support the observation that chemtrails are used as a mechanism to enhance the black ops technology and microwave communication and radar/HAARP systems for both military and civilian use.

However, If the claim that using barium particulates for example as described in this excellent article here…

link to tap article  http://the-tap.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/chemtrails-why.html 

 “Almost from the beginning of chemtrails consciousness, Clifford Carnicom began documenting high levels of reactive barium salts falling from chemtrails grids over Santa Fe, New Mexico. Carnicom claimed these salts are making the Earth more conductive.

were indeed making the earth more conductive, then in my opinion we should see that reflected by an uptick in thunder and lightning storms.

When it seems in fact that we (or at least myself) are observing the opposite effect.

It is my opinion that what I personally observe is actually less electrical storms, and moreover a change in the condition of the atmospheric particles that when inhaled feel very similar to a room that is air conditioned. These are indicators that something else is happening here…

I think it is either Ionised Air or Reverse Osmosis Systems with Water Ionizers and if i’m right about the connection with the Ionisation effect then it should be easy to find a record of highly increased levels of atmospheric Ozone during the last 20 years, i expect the humble fridge got framed there.

Please dont ask me to look, i believe there is quite substantial evidence allready with regard to the “Ozone ” paradigm.

There is a link here for a paper that talks about the effects of ozone levels with using air conditioners.

and another that decribes reverse osmosis 


Here is a comment from wiki regarding Ionic air purifiers from here  

“Air ionisers are used in air purifiers. Airborne particles are attracted to the electrode in an effect similar to static electricity. These ions are de-ionised by seeking earthed conductors, such as walls and ceilings”

(i am not a scientist or academic person so please, if you have some scientific knowledge of these systems please contribute.)

That observation further supports the notion that the ingredients used in chemtrailing are not primarily reflecting the sunlight back away from Earth ( and are not being used solely to enhance technological apparatus and cause extreme weather patterns either) , but are actually being used for the purpose of stripping the electrical charge from incoming cosmic sun light and particles

The symptoms for chemtrail exposure and microwave exposure are very similar and it is difficult to separate and isolate the effects of both systems.

in my opinion HAARP does not need the activity of  chemtrailing for it to operate, I would have thought actually that the HAARP emissions are slightly impeded by chemtrail cocktails.

There can be little doubt of the negative environmental impact from the chemtrailing program on our planets bio sphere as a whole, and this will have a very detrimental effect on all life therein.

I would not argue with the rest of this article as it seems very well researched and i am sure the validity of the material cannot be doubted, especially with regard to microwave pollution, however i see chemtrailing and microwave/HAARP based (ELF)including radio mast, technology as two completely separate paradigms and programs. 
see ref here..  http://the-tap.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/chemtrails-why.html

I am thinking the reasons for the actual chemtrailing program are not what most folk think, partly because most folk are not aware of the possibilities of human evolution outside of the Darwinian theory and model, (and are too distracted to care in most cases), while many others treat human evolution in the mode of  Ascension as a subject  which is in most parts described as conspiracy fantasy and or some new world order hoax to distract and confuse.

In my opinion the evidence supports the view that there is altogether another agenda at play here and it is directly connected to the evolution model known in new age circles as Ascension.

Ascension is a hormonal based activity, it is a system whereby through the bodies central nervous system certain hormones are released which is in connection with the pineal gland and this process organically interacts with our DNA and the whole body system starts to be activated increasing the performance of the human body.

Chemtrailing disrupts this mechanism quite dramatically, and in my opinion quite deliberately.

There are many other aspects to the process of an ascending body, but the point here is that without a proper and scientific reason apart from  global warming as a “pre-emptive” excuse for mass atmospheric aerosol spraying, (which we know is a scam, and human depopulation agenda which we also know is part of  “their” dastardly plans), then one can look to the direct effects this operation has on the health of the human population for evidence, and it is clear that chemtrailing is having a substantial effect on the human bodies central nervous system.

or do google search for “chemtrail effects the nervous system”

Combining this aspect of chemtrailing with microwave energy pollutants and one can control ones subjects almost totally by lowering their body and cell frequencies thereby di allowing the human body the opportunity to raise it’s bodily frequency whilst also disrupting brain activity and hormonal levels and leading to a downturn in the bodies nervous system

To the folk out there who would ignore the ascension aspects to human evolution and consider this connection as conspiracy fantasy by making the connection therein with chemtrail activity i say this, what would you say are the reasons for the governments allowing such a massive and seriously polluting operation to be allowed in the skies above our heads, knowing they risk all by condoning and therefore standing by and fully supporting this disgusting program ?

In many ways this is the highest risk game out there, once this project enters the MSM and the people realise that during the time when the government is allegedly making such huge green issue commitments including the carbon tax rip off agenda and then silently creating the worst polluting environment conditions this planet has ever witnessed, they will know , their game is up and that the population will hold them fully accountable. in my humble opinion the release of this agenda  will lead to the downfall of governments on a world wide scale.

On a side note:
The act of the pilot in the op here tells me that the aerosol particulates are suspended in water held in onboard tanks (just google “chemtrail planes” and press “images” tab) and once again that leads me to think these planes are absolutely fitted for purpose, including the observation that the chemtrails are switched on and off systematically during operation, and unless they have a costly spare engine injector kit built into the aircraft engine) then switching the chemtrails off as in the crosshatch patterning as witness by many cannot be achieved through switching the engines off!! so they must therefore use an inboard set up whereby they rip the seats out and replace them with holding tanks.

( locating these spare seats shouldn’t be too hard, you would need quite a large and air controlled storage to hold them, so if anyone chances upon such a wharehouse full of random used aircraft seats please let TAP know)

i have no doubt that all the articles related to chemtrailing are accurate and constructively help to peel back the many layers of this paradigm. I respect deeply all folks sincere and honest attempts to create a free and open society.

 The many spin offs from the operation would have vast military applications and geopolitical and financial and ultimately control uses that can only benefit the cabal, but in my opinion these are just some of the intricate layers that lead eventually to the core issue and reason, that being control and further subjugation of not only the inhabitants of this planet but also their state of evolution, which if left unchecked in line with the many other eugenics systems employed by the elite cabal leaders and their system of slavery and domination by absolute rule of oppression would lead to total transhumanisation of the human race into a soulless army of drones.

 Please keep up the debate, friends, on every level, and please engage in debating what i have written if you think it’s wrong then please engage in debate, we need everyone talking about this disgusting act of violence against Mother Earth.

Many thanks for great article op    http://the-tap.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/why-did-easyjet-pilot-ask-atc-if-he.html    

Steve ( passiglight)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The security analyst Chris Cooper
    through his small firm of experts tapped the phones of Rupert Murdoch, if onlya small part of what chris has released in these conversations is true, it is horrific.
    One of these conversations is Lynn de Rothschild talking of controlling the food supply, she can be heard quite clearly discussing on what she thought was a secure line, how this would be done.
    The only plantlife that is aluminium/barium resistant is GM foods
    like it or not they have these planned for us.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I think the words evolution and ascension are utterly discredited and have no real meaning.If the word evolution existed before Darwin used it he certainly invented it’s current meaning.Any word ending with sion I find deeply suspect as well. Both words describe an automatic process by which things get better.That is Father Christmas thinking at it’s most puerile,devolving personal responsibility to an outside force.The problem is that the television is more real to most people than reality because they think it broadcasts the consensus.We have been scientifically indoctrinated by education into this group non thinking exactly as it was designed by such people as Bertrand Russel.

  3. Anonymous says:

    bertrand russel was one of Rothschilds apostles, those digusting pervert spies who helped russia win
    W W II, although never unmasked he was indeed a commie .

  4. Anonymous says:

    a very informative piece, thankyou. i too believe that there are multiple reasons for the spraying, one of them being to slow down the process of our collapsing atmosphere.


  5. Anonymous says:

    “so they must therefore use an inboard set up whereby they rip the seats out and replace them with holding tanks.”
    No, they reduce the hold space by fitting an auxiliary fuel tank. A321 of a well-known carrier has done this.

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