Was Kate’s baby from a surrogate mother?


Queen Mother’s real mother was her family’s French cook … the domestic help was ‘an early 
version of surrogacy’ for both Elizabeth Bowes Lyon and her younger brother David.

The cook, an ‘attractive and pleasant Frenchwoman’ called Marguerite Rodiere, gave birth to 
the future Queen Elizabeth because her own mother Cecilia, who already had eight children, 
was unable to have any more.

This explains the unflattering nickname ‘Cookie’ given to the 

Queen Mother by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Elizabeth Bowes Lyon at the age of seven.

The Queen Mother’s exact date of birth in August 1900 as the fourth daughter of Lord Glamis, 

later 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, has always been disputed

It also remained unclear whether she was actually born in the back of a London ambulance or 

the family home, St Paul’s Waldenbury, in Hertfordshire.

Another puzzle has been why the Queen Mother, born the Honourable Elizabeth Angela 

Marguerite Bowes Lyon, was given a French middle name
The Queen Mother was the daughter of a Welsh maid who worked in the family’s castle in 

Elizabeth with her brother in 1915.

Another puzzle has been why the Queen Mother, born the Honourable Elizabeth Angela 

Marguerite Bowes Lyon, was given a French middle name.

Royal and aristocratic circles had been alight for decades with the story that Elizabeth Bowes 

Lyon, while undoubtedly the daughter of the 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, was not 
the child of his wife Cecilia, nor was her younger brother David, born nearly two years after 
her on 2nd May, 1902.

‘The two Benjamins, as they were known in the Bowes Lyon family (in a Biblical allusion to 

the brother of Joseph, who was himself the product of a coupling between his father and his 
mother’s maid) were supposedly the children of Marguerite Rodiere, an attractive and pleasant Frenchwoman who had been the cook at St Paul’s Waldenbury and is meant to have provided 
Lord and Lady Glamis with the two children they so yearned for after Cecilia was forbidden by 
her doctors from producing any more progeny.

‘Hence the nickname of Cookie, which the Duke and Duchess of Windsor took care to 

promulgate throughout international society once Elizabeth proved herself to be their most 
formidable enemy.’

Some people did know the truth surrounding the Queen Mother’s birth, chiefly her 

brother-in-law, David.

As King Edward VIII, David had access to all the information about Elizabeth’s secret which 

was not so secret in aristocratic and royal circles.

‘When he discovered, to his horror, that Elizabeth was actively scheming with his own 

courtiers to undermine his position as king and prevent him from marrying the woman he 
loved, he used the wealth of access at his disposal to circumvent his own private and deputy
private secretaries and obtain sight of the documents, which confirmed that Elizabeth had 
been born, not of 4th August as supposed, but on 3rd August at St Paul’s Waldenbury to 
Marguerite Rodiere.’

‘The Duke of Windsor always maintained that he would never have revealed Elizabeth’s 

secret had he not discovered at the time of the Abdication Crisis, through Lord Beaverbrook, 
that Elizabeth was behind the rumour that Wallis (Simpson) had learnt secret sexual 
techniques in a bordello in China, and it was this which was the secret hold she had over 
King Edward VIII.

Once he knew this to be true, however, he felt justified in rumbling the sister-in-law who had a 

secret of her own, and one, moreover, which had in his view, more merit than the one she said 
about his beloved.’

That’s why thereafter, Elizabeth was known as Cookie.

For those who asked, why she was being called by that nickname, there was always a 

member of the Windsor circle willing and able to recount how the High and Mighty Princess Elizabeth, Queen of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Empress of India, Queen of 
Canada, Australia, etc,etc, was not even legitimate, but the daughter of the 13th Earl of 
Strathmore and Kinghorne and St Paul’s Waldenbury cook,Mademoiselle Marguerite Rodiere.

Surrogacy and the upper classes

It was not unusual for the upper classes to use ‘surrogacy’ arrangements to create

large families.

In the days before antibiotics, child mortality rates were high and sole male heirs stood a good 

chance of being killed in a war.

It was important that aristocrats left a ‘spare heir or two’, and sometimes enlisted the aid of their domestic staff.

‘The grander the couple, the more likely that there was a serious problem, for great estates 
were entailed upon the title, meaning that a peer could not leave his property to whom he 

‘The aristocracy was filled with horror stories about widows and daughters of great peers 
living in penury while some distant cousin was lording it over them.’

George VI allegedly took offence to the growing friendship between the young Princess 
Elizabeth and ‘Little Porchy’, who later became Lord Carnarvon. (father of Prince Andrew)

The King is alleged to have said: ‘Young Porchester is charming, but there is no possibility of 
my condoning a union between a daughter of mine and a butler’s son.’


From www.aangirfan.blogspot.com


Royal baby. William told the media: “He’s a big boy, he’s quite heavy. We are still working on a name so we will have that as soon as we can. It’s the first time we have seen him really so we are having a proper chance to catch up.” BBC News – William and Kate present baby prince

William and Kate have a mentor called Sir David Manning.
Sir David Manning is on Kate and William’s staff.
Manning was in New York on 9 11 and saw the fall of the Twin Towers.

Manning saw the smoke coming from the World Trade Center.

(New Statesman – NS Profile – David Manning)

Sir David Manning, ‘part of the Kosher Nostra.’

Manning, who is Jewish, was Tony Blair’s security advisor.

“In 2008 he became a director of Lockheed Martin… and joined the advisory board of Hakluyt & Company, an intelligence company partly staffed by former MI6 officers.[4]

One of the Secret Rulers of the World – Sir David Manning

Kate Middleton’s mother, Carole Goldsmith, has Jewish ancestry.
One source says that Princess Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd, was Jewish – born Frances Ruth Burke Roche, a Rothschild.

According to a story in the Daily Mail, Princess Diana was conceived during her mother’s affair with the Jewish banker Sir James Goldsmith (a French Rothschild).

There is a striking resemblances between Princess Diana and Sir James Goldsmith’s three children, Zak, Ben and Jemima Goldsmith.

If Diana had a Jewish mother (Frances Ruth Burke Roche aka Rothschild) and a Jewish father (Sir James Goldsmith), then William would have Jewish roots.

TAPCharles and Diana, the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh are all Rothschilds ( the latter pair great grandchildren of Queen Victoria, daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild).  They have owned more than half the wealth of the whole world for two centuries.  They marry each other, cheat on each other and frequently murder each other.

Big baby, with hair.


“I’ve said for sometime that it often appears as if she’s been wearing a pregnancy suit (fake boobs and bump). 

“Today we were proved right. 

“The size of the baby, the size of her empty bump, proves it! 

“The fact she was in labour for 12 hrs and is up and about on high-heels within 36 hrs proves it. 

“The way she hardly looks or touches the baby while on the stairs of St Mary’s proves it. 

“Her slim ankles prove it! As mad as it sounds, the woman just did not give birth yesterday. 
“I’ve worked in a maternity ward and that’s why I’m feeling positive about this obviously fake baby bump!”

“William appears to make a Freudian slip (BBC News) when he says: ‘It’s the first time we’ve seen him.’…” 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW prince William with baby George.

    isnt this top picture over the railings !!!!!!!!!!!


    The Silence is deafening



    Holding son over balcony ”terrible mistake”



  2. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, e-Mail sent, incase you don’t receive it w/r/t Sprog Cambridge, or whoever he might be, & Mentor Manning.

    Regarding surrogacy, this is more than a possible reason why they took out that Nurse, Jacintha Saldanha. It waS SUCH A LAME BRAIN EXCUSE, why she committed suicide, just like Dr. Kelly, & Gareth Williams. I covered these last year in some detail.


  3. Chris Jones says:

    I’m just not sure how relevant the Jewish angle is. It may be relevant in a superficial/the bad banking guy element but as we know from WW2 and history, we are dealing with Zionistic globalist nutters here and not any specific nationality – although there does seem to be a certain consistency with the upper echelons of Anglo Saxon Germanic and Jewish ‘scholars’ … although I think these people are essentially sociopathic cleptomaniacs, albeit very clever ones

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is no way the photo of them all on the Balcony is true.
    Putting up false photos doesn’t do your articles justice.
    Also that baby is more than a few days old.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap So Manning and all the ‘top women’ were in New York for the terrible event of 9-11.
    How did they know it was to happen.
    There is something not quite right, how did they know ??

  6. Anonymous says:

    So disappointed TAP.

    A cut n paste?


    MJ to a Prince’s head paste.


  7. Anonymous says:

    A baby which is deliveredby a surrogate is consisered as illigitimate.

    Reason:- becoz that baby is borned from a surrogate, not to a mother who is married with the baby’s father.

    Legitimate child is a child which is borned biologically from a marriage,husband&wife.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Supposing there had been a surrogate mother and all the rest of it: what is it to you? Would you have preferred something in Henry VIIIth style? It’s their life and they can do what they like with it. As to the racist elements: what are you trying to do?… The pageant must go on; and it does, for you and the likes of you most of all. Grow up…

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