UK Citizens Continue to Reject GMO food and Even Farmers Don’t Want to Eat it.

Another survey has shown that only 21% of the UK public support genetically engineered food. Despite a massive pro-GM push by government, researchers and the media this latest poll carried out in June – confirms that UK citizens continue to reject the technology. Meanwhile another survey has revealed that far from clamouring to use GMOs as the government claims, less than half of UK farmers believe GM technology is a good innovation, and hardly any of them want to eat GM food.

Both surveys were funded by Barclays Bank, who’s Head of Agriculture, Martin Redfearn, said; “This research shows how important the issue of GM still is,”
The consumer survey carried out by YouGov confirmed previous polls that less than a quarter of people questioned support GMO technology.
Nearly 70% said they would “prefer to buy conventional (i.e. non-genetically engineered food”)
And in a major slap in the face for the government and its pro-GMO mouth, Farm Minister Owen Paterson, 43% of people said they “were completely against” the government promoting GM technology.
Mr Redfearn said that the survey shows “consumers are still against the idea of GM crops” even though “recently the government has clearly taken an interest in the use of GM crops.”
It’s not clear that the UK’s farmers are all that enthusiastic about the technology either.
A separate survey, also published in June and also funded by Barclays but this time in collaboration with Farmers Weekly, reported that only 47% of farmers believed that GM technology was a good innovation.
600 farmers responded to the online questionnaire and needless to say the industry trumpeted the headline that 61% of them said they would grow GM crops “if they had the opportunity”.
But 39% said that either they would not grow GMO crops under any circumstances (24%) or would be unwilling to do so but would do if they had to.
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  1. dp says:

    GM is so popular with mps that they wont serve it in westminsters resaurants.
    Monsanto banned it from their staff cafeterias too.

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