Turn off unnecessary ambulance sirens


I’ve lived not far from the same hospital for over 30 years. I hardly remember hearing sirens until about year ago. Now it’s constant. All day and all night – sirens. It’s not even a big hospital. 

I have no idea what the intention is but it’s never been necessary before 


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8 Responses to “Turn off unnecessary ambulance sirens”

  1. Anonymous says:

    There used to be a time when sirens from ambulances, the Police, fire engines screaming away in the early hours was illegal.

    They had to just signify they were on their way to an emergency by just flashing their lights (no noise pollution). If you think about it, there’s not many cars getting in the way at say 3am in the morning.
    Sirens going off at stupid times of the morning is just plain and simply anti-social behaviour and smacks of a power-trip by our 999 people.

  2. We’ve experienced a similar increase in sirens in our area and it seems to be linked to the closure of the smaller local hospitals and a centralising of treatment in Dundee. Whereas ambulances would rush to their respective local hospital for emergencies they must all now rush down to Dundee with sirens blaring.
    Similar to the police who are now a single force in Scotland ( following the implementation of EU Directives) who close all local stations when most required at weekends resulting in an emergency response from further afield and so a longer siren exposure to the locals.
    Fire brigade are now one force ( following EU Directives) so it will be ‘interesting’ seeing the local stations being closed as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think we are definitely on the verge of a One World Army.

    When the normal 999 services are stretched then the army have helped out Policing/Ambulance/Fire duties in the past.

    Under the EU, what we have known to be the emergency services, are slowly being amalgamated into one task force.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if sirens blaring away at 100 decibels in the middle of the morning is ‘legal’ under EU ‘law’ too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where I live (SE London ) . The various sirens of the “emergency ” services are screaming away all day .
    It reminds of what New York was like in the 1960’s .
    Not necessary and a right irritating pain in the lughole .
    Common sense no longer operates in this LibLabCon (EU) inspired UTOPIA .

  5. Anonymous says:

    The sirens going off all day is just trying to subliminally install the Police State into peoples’ minds we are fast moving into… if we are not there already.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes these sirens are a total unnecessary nuisance and totally useless as it has been proven for them to be effective they need to contain white noise so it gives the sound a sense of direction rather than leave motorists guessing where the sound is coming from.

    Half the time sirens are used on the dash for a Mcdonalds Happy Meal through traffic 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    I Live in Chorley, I have watched ambulances come out of the depot turn on the Blues and Twos and promptly pull up at Mcdonalds Drive through, this has occured morth than 4 times observed by myself. I dispair at the level of ignorrance displayed by so called professionals. Only Royal Mail vehicles can legaly pass through a Red light (Just thought I would get that in)

  8. Anonymous says:

    F@cking c@nts have been past the last few nights using sirens past midnight and just now at 2:35am with no other vehicles going past at least 30 seconds before or after them.
    Phoned 101 to tell them about the issue and was told by the idiot female with an attitude that they’re allowed to use their sirens at this time in the morning and as an example may need to warn a drunk person in the middle of the road they are coming as they won’t see the flashing blue lights. Great response considering it took a few attempts for her to understand that the sirens aren’t the blue flashing things.
    To tell the truth I couldn’t give a f@ck what they are allowed and not allowed to do, it’s whether what they are doing is really necessary or not. Maybe I should do a few things that I’m allowed to do that they wouldn’t appreciate too much too, that’s what they make me feel like doing when there’s no consideration for us. Racking c@nts, absolute racking c@nts!!!…

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