Trayvon Martin thing is made up by the presstitutes

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Just watched this a little late in my day. 15 Jul 2013 Trends Research Institute

Gerald Celente Trends In The News daily commentary… he always calls it as he sees it… part transcribe… this man is so entertaining as well as informative, inspiring, funny, brutal, passionate… This is from a subscriber only access video, but I can type out his words to give you a flavour. It tickled my fancy.  

“This Trayvon Martin thing, the media made this one up man. You think this is the first time a white cat killed a black guy? This thing has been pumped out of proportion… this guy Zimmerman… he’s Hispanic, maybe even got some black in him, he ain’t even a whitey. Look how they pump this up and look at the people in the streets.

Where the hell are you with the Afghan war, the Iraq war, the Libyan war, NSA, the raping of our rights, the stealing of our money? Yer bunch o’ wankers out there! You’re led by the Presstitutes.

Where’s your courage and your fat mouths? All because a guy kills another guy and it’s big on CNN, MSNBC, Fox and the rest of them and you’re out on the streets. But, send you to war, blow your brains out, steal your money: Zip!

You’re as disgusting as the Presstitutes. You liberal wankers!”

E-mailing. Might be worth a post in its own right: The Trends Institute; among the most important media sources out there. I discovered Gerald Celente via Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan as part of a Project Camelot video… see if I can find it… yep, here you go:
10 October 2009

Ned Pamphilon

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