Tories taking the piss about Monsanto and GMOs

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Just watched RT and a Conservative MP (not Patterson) was on touting Britain should take the lead in producing GM crops in Europe or lose out to competitors. The presenter pointed out the health risks and studies from America showing organ abnormalities in animals to which the MP stated he didn’t believe them and immediately digressed to the economic benefits to the UK.
I can’t find the news article on but came across an article while searching concerning glyphosate being found in the the urine of 70% UK citizens who took part in the test. Scientists are stumped as to why! 
Having a look at the photo showing chemtrails I wonder if a possible answer as to why UK citizens have glyphosate in their urine is a result of chemtrailing or water contamination. 
AFP Photo / Philippe Huguen
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  1. Lucas Moore says:

    I also marvel if a likely response as to why UK citizens have glyphosate in their urine is a outcome of chem trailing or water contamination.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    The answer to glyphosate being in urine can only come from one of three things.
    1). The air we breath.
    2). The food we eat.
    3). The water we drink.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Just follow the money!!

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