The pedophile power rangers – the Jesuits – the end justifies the means

The Catholic Church packaged up the teachings of Jesus, stopped people having their own bibles, selling Indulgences – they are the Pharisees of our day.  They are a modern day branch of the Illuminati.

The head of the Jesuit Order is the Black Pope.   ‘Francis’ was made Pope to stop people from leaving this pedophile-protecting cult in South America where many are horrified by the knowledge they now possess of the paedophile cult that runs the Catholic Church.  Ratzinger was actually in charge of the criminals within the church, telling how he covered up the scandals.  If you’re a Catholic, just become a Christian.  Anything is better than being a Catholic.

(Not to mention the child sacrifice rituals reported in the Vatican)

Anyone who has read the words of Jesus would have no time for the Catholic cult.  Do people like their kids being abused?  Sending your kids to Sunday school endangers them and exposes them to abuse by these whack jobs.  How can so many people be excited by the Pope.  He’s no better than you and me.  Why pray to Saints, to Mary?  Why ask a a gay predatory pedophile priest to forgive you your sins?  God forgives – not these phoney paedophile con-men.  Humans are incredibly easy to con.  Mormons are a huge Church.  Scientology is relatively small.

The Catholic Church does not represent Christians.  It’s not a Christian organisation.  It’s a pedophile Cult.  The Black Pope, the Jesuit in chief, has taken over and leads the Catholic defrauding of Christians.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    GLAD you found this interesting TAP :-

    THANKYOU wasp.


    New Pope is “Satan’s Marine” and first Jesuit to lead Catholic Cult
    MarkDice MarkDice



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi TAP.

    I’m sure weve turned a corner.

    was watching the OMEN 3.

    it seems in 1976+ “1981” the devil was shown on film sleeping with the (lost)lady TV presenter all became clearly ABNORMAL in a very shadowy dark scene.

    Clearly in the 1980s even though a 18 rating, this was NOT acceptable.

    Boy have we changed. Ha! at least in the Omen the devil was the main influence.

    What do we blame in the real world?

    just had to share this with you.

    as we have clearly come a long way dwn the drain pipe sewer.


    another 30 years where will we be

    sorry where will all our babies be?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jordan Maxwell did an interesting interview regarding the Vatican:

  4. wasp says:

    I Told You All Along This Was So Didn’t I?

    Don’t Waste Your Time Chasing Jews, Only “Special Jews” You Need To Be Concerned With!

    They Are Fronting The Smoke & Mirrors!


  5. shirlz007 says:

    do we have to give up being Irish?

  6. Chris Jones says:

    Does being Irish have to be synonomous with being Catholic?

  7. Anonymous says:

    So Cool,

    The penny is dropping WASP Sir

    AT LAST.


    The many are wise-ing up at last.

  8. Anonymous says:

    @ shirlz007

    This is where it has all gone wrong.

    You can be Irish in any country.

    You could be half-Irish or an immigrant Irish or whatever.

    You are assuming to be Irish and be a proud Catholic.

    The Vatican wants a One-World-Government:

    … where’s your proud Irish, Catholicism then.

    Where do all the other religions fit in?

    Tricky times.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Read the leaves


    or ?

    just maybe you will get there?

    or TAP into TAPs Wasp just incase


  10. Anonymous says:

    I know people usually laugh at wasp
    but i think he has something here.
    The investigator chris cooper tapped thousands of calls through rupert murdocks little empire, and these show that rothschilds have owned the vatican lock stock and barrel for some time.
    Its not jesuits we need to watch its jews, jews jews,take note
    Brian Davis

  11. Anonymous says:

    UK Police are scrubbing their computers of all known peadaphile DNA evidence to bin 13 forever.

    All free great escape to walk freely in your neighbourhood.


    Are your kids the next hidden statistics?

    31 July 2013 Last updated at 00:00

    Suspects’ DNA deleted due to ‘Home Office incompetence’
    DNA profiles being analysed by a researcher Police will be required to delete most of the DNA profiles of people who have not been charged

    Thousands of DNA profiles of suspected sex offenders are being deleted from the national database because of Home Office incompetence, Labour claims.

    31 July 2013 Last updated at 00:15

    The village where half the population are sex offenders


  12. Anonymous says:

    The ‘man who looks in ears’ says Maxwells ears, are same as Rothschilds family ears ??

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