The internet is the new renaissance

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Ben Swann: Homeschooling deeply affected my worldview and certainly my view of education. I believe that most of what takes place in American classrooms has very little to do with education and is much more about social engineering. Interestingly, we are now in a second generation of Americans who are being homeschooled. Millions of American children have broken out of the mass produced student mindset. I, for one, am very glad.
Daily Bell: You are not afraid of tackling complex subjects. You reported on a theory that more than one shooter may have been behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, for instance. How was that report received?
Ben Swann: From the public, with great enthusiasm. Keep in mind, with my report on Sandy Hook, the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting and the Aurora Colorado theater shooting, I was only reporting what eyewitnesses at each of these scenes described… multiple gunmen firing weapons from multiple locations. As a journalist, my job is to question things. At the end of that report, I simply asked why surveillance video from any of these scenes has not been released, which, by the way, is common practice by law enforcement across the country. Furthermore, I am not the only one who has called for the release of this video. In Colorado, the attorney for a group of families suing the theater has asked for the same thing to no avail. The biggest criticism I have received has come from other “journalists,” mostly blog writers who have referred to me as a “truther” reporter because I ask questions without first having the answers in hand. Not sure how that works but that is what they have claimed.
Daily Bell: You earned a Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from BYU at age 15 and a Master’s in history at 16, in 1994. Tell us about that.
Ben Swann: Growing up, I was homeschooled by a process of distance learning. From elementary school on, I was enrolled in accredited schools and attended from a distance. My mother did not have anything to base her homeschooling experience on and so we didn’t take breaks during our school year. Over time, never taking a summer off begins to add up. By the time I was 12 I was ready to enter college and by 15, ready to begin a Master’s program. It was the only world I knew.
Daily Bell: We believe communication technology is the crux of human history. The Gutenberg press changed the world 600 years ago and helped generate the Reformation, the Renaissance, the discovery of the New World and the US Revolution. Is what we call the Internet Reformation making the same sorts of changes today?
Ben Swann: I believe it is. One hundred years from now, I believe that generations around the world will look back to this time in human history as one where information and technology came together in a profound way and restored power to the individual.
Daily Bell: Is there an active globalist conspiracy at work in the world today? If so, should people confront it?
Ben Swann: There is certainly collusion between those in political power and those who own and run major corporations and media. Does that mean they are all sitting around in a dark room smoking cigars and plotting against us? No. But it does mean that the average person in America and around the world has a very small number of people attempting to control their behavior, family’s life and future for the sake of profit and power.
Daily Bell: Are you worried about your own safety and career?
Ben Swann: No. We all have a limited number of days and can do nothing to change that. What we can control, however, is how we spend those days. I will spend mine pursuing truth.

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