The Great Kate Middleton Scam…She, William and Baby are Jewish

Baby Born To Kate Middleton At Jewish Hospital Wing

Sandra Mergulhão reporting.

Published: July 22nd, 2013 in News » World
The wing was named after Frank Charles Lindo. According to the Jewish Daily Forward, Lindo was a wealthy Jew, descended on his mother Adeline’s side from the Heilbut family, and on his father Charles’s side, it appears, from one of London’s most famous Sephardi families. (Kate is a Sephardic Jew. ed). The wing was built for ‘deserving poor Jews.’ It is also the same wing where Prince William was born to the late Princess Diana in 1982.
What we have been sold is no less than the groundwork for the imposition of a future Jewish Monarchy in Great Britain. And engineered by the House of Rothschild, estimated fortune $500 Trillion, whose relations and puppets on Wall Street and in the City of London are responsible for a deliberatly created international financial crisis; a permanent Western recession, aimed at creating a one world currency system, a one world bank and a New World Order.
As one Royal insider commented “An insecure immigrant Royal family who have never felt at ease with the British people, and always more secure with immigrants and outsiders, and an alliance with the richest and most powerful Jewish family in the world, heads of what is increasingly being re-Christened “The Jew World Order, who also seek to raise their status, is perceived by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as the best guarantor of their family’s future and safety. In short, we will one day see a Jewish Royal family.”
Many people still cannot get Kate Middleton or why she, a supposed ‘commoner’ would marry Prince William.  But hidden right under our noses is the truth the Jewish-controlled mainstream media and TheJC is hiding. Kate Middleton is a Jew from a maternal line of middle class Sephardic Jews (genuine descendents of Israel and not converted Jews like the Ashkenazis who are from gentile Khazarian stock). Her family were helped into England from the continent in 1656 by freemason Oliver Cromwell who in return for allowing Jews back into Britain had been funded to raise one of the best fitted-out armies in Europe by Jewish bankers in Amsterdam to overthrow the King of England. The Jews had been expelled for the second time in 1290 by King Edward I on a number of charges:
(Jews have been expelled 109 times from 84 nations since 240 AD).
Kate’s mother’s maiden name is Goldsmith. Her mother was a Jewess called Dorothy Goldsmith nee Harrison who’s own mother was a Jewess and so on right back through the maternal line. Therefore Carol Goldsmith, practicing or not is Jewish, (orthodox Jewish schools will take practicing Muslim or Christian pupils if their mother is Jewish because they are Jews according to Judaic law, but even if a child is practicing as Jewish with a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother, they will not get a place in the school) and under Jewish law if the mother is Jewish then the children are Jewish, therefore the children of Prince William will be legally Jewish….especially as William, according to confidant and biographer of Diana Princess of Wales Tina Brown (Lady Evans CBE) is under Judaic law also a Jew!

Diana was daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, a French Rothschild, and enemy of one world government, leader of the referendum party.  
Queen VIctoria was illegitimate and reported by secret service sources to be daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild.  They are not only Jewish, but Rothschilds.  Both The Queen and The Duke Of Edinburgh are her great grandchildren.
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12 Responses to “The Great Kate Middleton Scam…She, William and Baby are Jewish”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No surprise really.

    These ‘elites’ need to keep the ‘bloodlines’ going.

    They think they are superior to everyone else. Quite the contrary… their biggest downfall being lack of empathy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe that James Goldsmith was in real opposition to a one world government, he set up the referendum party as a false opposition.

  3. Anonymous says:

    james goldsmith was a jew through and through, the referendum party
    wasa scam. the rothschilds have ensured that the monarchy have been secret jews since the time after cromwell at least, and BTW newspapers in nigeria and africa as a whole have been saying for some time that toerag blair was a poof, and are now saying david cameron is one as well, god help us

  4. Tapestry says:

    Goldsmith’s untimely departure with cancer might be evidence that he was genuine opposition. There are genuine feuds going on within the elites – his daughter Diana was another victim.

  5. Anonymous says:

    at what point would a family helped into England in 1656 be acceptable to you as Enlgish? If this was a black family you were talking about, there could be no escaping the label of ‘racist’. Anyway, I thought this was all about the Khazars? Kate’s family are Sephardic aren’t they? Don’t the Ashkenazis hate the Sephardic jews, so much so that they sacrificed millions of them to the holocaust so that the state of Israel could be created? Are we supposed to feel more secure with an elitist German royal bloodline than a remotely jewish one? Or do you have to be of Viking or French barbarian stock to be acceptable as a member of the ruling elite?. God knows, they sure as hell aren’t Gallic. Do you really suppose that elite Jews are any worse than any other elitist stock? Seriously, the whole ‘it’s the Jews what dunnit’ routine is a bit too prevalent out there in the cyber realm to possibly be true. As far as I’m concerned, they’re little more than accountants who managed to write a few dodgy cheques and graft a bit of land for their services. And considering how many of them have been slaughtered serving vampiric ‘European’ royal families, one might argue that it’s their just dues. Just Jew dues. Ha! All I know is that the world would be just as bad if Anglo, African or Jewish elites were running the show. Israel is a bastion of Western imperialism and just the latest attempt to conquer arabia. Their secret service might have played the main role in 911, but who really pulls the strings? Hint: they’re fat, podgy and white and don’t wear black suits and stupid hats walking around rich suburbs on Saturdays. Know your enemy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Could be a option?

    Whoops!!! Yahoo search reveals the final AntiChrist PART ONE


    I start looking up stuff in the regular Yahoo search engine and what I came up with is PHENOMENAL!!! Not only did i happen to find the details of this video but I also found something astronomically extraordinary. MY NEXT VIDEO WILL PUT ALL DOUBT TO REST .

    I WILL SHOW YOU THAT PRINCE WILLIAM HAS JUST DRAWN UP A 7 YEAR PEACE TREATY PLAN FOR ISRAEL ,HIS NAME CAN BE SPELLED OUT AS i am 666,he is a secret muslim, he dad is also a secret muslim , he has already claimed to be GOD, he has a FALSE plan to bring ALIENS forth to save humanity, PART 2 OF THIS VIDEO IS EXCLUSIVE. I WILL SHOW YOU PROOF THAT YOU CANNOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET. Prince William will hide behind “someone else” to go to israel and offer them the 7 year peace treaty even though Prince WiLLiam wrote the peace plan. After the false prophet John Paul II rises from the dead (just like it says in revelation) he will claim the anti christ prince william is a direct descendant of jesus christ, and thus you now have the strong delusion that will bring on the alien invasion.


    worse happens at sea they say

  7. Anonymous says:

    Taking a step back and viewing the world as it has become over the last twenty years, its very evident that the matriarchal society has been pushed with the continual promotion of “strong” women while at the same time demeaning and emancipating the caucasian male. This fits in with the ways of zion, women in control and the men effeminate or more interested in their own gender.

    Whether this has been done to emulate their own culture as the new jerusalem takes over, or as a way to destroy their age old enemy and the only thing standing in their way, the white male is difficult to work out.

    But some very valid points made here as they have always hidden behind false names, although in recent years they have grown so confident that their takeover is complete that many have come out of the closet. Also the very apparent symbolism being unveiled everywhere, especially the all seeing eye which is in virtually every company logo these days, including charities, shows they are confident that they have won the covert war that the gentiles should have been aware of and fighting back.

  8. when anyone quotes biblical bullshit it angers me no end … playing into the yidds hands ,who are playing out revelation to the biggest cult of cunts ever, Christians… perhaps if you stopped consuming soya lecithin
    and genetically modified maizes
    and potatoes (yes some famous crisps are g.m.o)
    then maybe you wouldn’t be such faggot worshippers who are
    dominated by pig ugly bulldykes… its in bisto its in activia yoghurt its in chocolate and most processed shit you buy, these one trick ponies are attacking you 24/7 physically mentally and spiritually, so if you want to be a real man, don’t eat soya laced products and youll get back the horn, and lose those soya tits, commonly known as manboobs… … …

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can tell you that all the royals are Jewish.
    This information came first hand from a member of the true Russian Royalty.
    I don’t want to create problems for her cause her family got out from Russia and went to China.
    Its time the true history of our so called Royals came out and the
    dreadful things they are involved in are exposed.

    • Shadowpeople says:

      They are Black Nobility, the Orcini family which includes the Rothschild, Hapsburg, Guelfs, Hanover (and therefore Windsor families), as well as Rockefeller. The British Royal Family is already a pharaonic Sephardic family since the end of the Stuarts. Diana and Kate didn’t add anything new. This info is easily found on the internet so not a secret anymore. Won’t talk about the things they are into.

  10. Anonymous says:

    all of the comments do not touch the essence of it. this is just dot. you need to answer what are you doing on this planet. you need to see that this is just school for your soul and the time is coming to an end. we have now transition to highervibrational dimension.
    this is serious business. the other option is death of the soul. awarness is a key
    love to everybody

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