The Edward Snowden conundrum

This article from Jon Rappoport, is well worth reading… And he raises some important questions and makes some good points.  Take this however alongside the recent article from Veterans Today calling both Assange & Snoden “Fakes” (by a CIA run publication) and we have a … conundrum. 
“…And that night, in your hotel room, you get down on your knees and pray that Ed Snowden is still working for the CIA.
Who else, besides the CIA and numerous politicians inside the Beltway, would be aching to take the NSA down a notch? Who else would be rooting hard for this former (?) CIA employee, Snowden, to succeed?” –J. Rappoport
So why is the CIA so ready to call both Snowden and Assange “Fakes”.  I have been told repeatedly by a back channel source that Assange is working for Israeli intelligence…  But why is he sitting in house arrest day in and day out?  Is it really worth it to him, if that were the case?
Somehow, I think that the idea of whistleblowers like Assange and Snowden are simply the biggest threat because they represent men with conscience going up against the system.  What if this is really the case?  There is such a thing as being too well versed and jaded by being in this game that you no longer believe anyone can be just that, a real human being faced with insurmountable greed and violations to everything that you believe in such that you are willing to take it all on, like david vs. Goliath.
Somehow, Snowden doesn’t strike me as a CIA operative.  Now maybe he is.  But I think we need to take a look at this from the standpoint of the idea that there are still among us, valiant men (and women) who are willing to brave the odds.. and take on Goliath.  Flawed, perhaps.  But courageous nonetheless.
Now did Snowden have help.  Absolutely.  I think we need to allow for the idealism that may fuel someone like Snowden.  And that idealism could be used by someone with an agenda.  Such as a CIA connection behind the scenes.  Making it possible for him to escape with documentation… 
I think when one views the ins and outs of this game, what often gets lost in the process, is insight into the character of the protangonists such as Assange or Snowden.  What does a principled man or woman do when faced with insurmountable odds… and surveillance and yet when given a choice.. to do the right thing.  Is it so very imposible to think that they might just choose that option.  To be a man of valor, of honor in spite of their surroundings?
Because even an asset embedded in Boaz Allen, knowing the milieu in which he finds himself… could also see the opportunity.. to do the right thing… To think, to plan to weigh options to look for opportunities.  To make contacts that would one day be useful… In order to do the heroic thing.  Because they have that as a choice.  And for some, it looks like a real choice.  Like it could make a difference.  In spite of the jaded landscape in which they are cast.
This is my point.  Even when a person starts out on the dark side… Working for the NSA, CIA or Boaz-Allen or some other dark cabal.  The opportunity always exists.  To turn it all around, by some sudden well thought out act of valor… To change it all, ones destiny in one brief instant.  And choose the hero’s journey.
I vote for this.  Maybe in these two cases I am wrong.  Maybe they are just as jaded and bought out as the next guy.
But what if?  What if they are really truly whistleblowers… and there’s not one but two?  And then three… and then four… What if?
Because in my view, this is the most frightening scenario of all to countries and those in charge of these organizations that believe themselves to be omniponent.  The idea that one man or woman could bring down the whole house of cards, in one brief instant, by an act of valor… and capture the imagination of the world… This must be the one thing they can’t bear to think about and yet must think about all the time.  And then the idea that becoming a WHISTLEBLOWER might catch on, like some new disease in the zeitgist of the public… That being a WHISTLEBLOWER might become “cool”… a fad worth following… Well by God, they could take down a system, perhaps even an entire new world order… that is, should such a ‘great notion’ catch on.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you do not have any family photographs, you are a non person.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Looks like ‘Veterans Today’ have been reading this blog.
    For some reason just like the trooper rigsby charade, we are being expected to believe nonsense.
    The right wing smaller parties have taken it all in, because it suits them.
    Our politicians have paraded with the acting family for much needed votes.
    Chris Spivey has it all in order of cast, he has it right on the button.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Been on the site, little wonder Chris has the ‘heads up’. looks like he was a drummer boy in the same regiment.

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