Spend time with each other. Stop watching TV. There’s a job to do.

Watch from 38 minutes. The green chakra, the heart cannot be manipulated. When you start caring, you come awake. We’re not going to win this war with knives or guns with with love.  She’s a survivor of ritual abuse.  She survived because she remembered love, and cares about people.  She wants people to stop working from their ego, and work from the heart.  If you know about these things, you must speak about them.  Humanity is asleep and needs to awaken.  It’s a crime to use your abilities against humanity.  The world could move into a very positive direction if people would open up.

Is she for real?  Her stories at 38 minutes sound too fantastic to be true.  Yet her message of how to tackle the enemy that besets humanity sounds correct.  It’s up to you to decide.  I’m not sure.  But it’s interesting.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can relate to much of which Rachel is talking about though confess struggling with the idea of the Queen being a heart devouring shape-shifter. However, being of the belief that there is nothing new under the sun and that all things are possible I don’t discount it, rather that I need more proof.

    As the saying goes, love makes the world go round, but few realise what true love is. True love, as Rachel so rightly pointed out is unconditional and unconditional love bears all things. By bearing all things evil can’t bide by love and must flee from its presence. This is a universal and galactic law sadly mostly forgotten by today’s self-ish (man) and get societies more concerned with their egos than the welfare and well-being of others rather that what they can give to one-another, society and our planet.

    It is by love, that unconditional love, the light within us, that we conquer the evils and wickedness that are upon these darkest days of our planet, not by strife, nor hurt, nor by war. So let your light shine that others may see it and follow your lead. What you put out will return to you is another universal and galactic law. Just try it and see what happens.

    We all need love whither we are married or single, our natural desire is to love and to be loved. Love is our essence gifted to us from our creation by the God of creation whose essence is love.

    Many times in scriptures are we instructed to love one another. Indeed, what we call The Ten Commandments are grouped in two sets of love. The first three commandments, love towards God and the seven thereafter love towards one-another. By fulfilling these commandments we fulfil the law, the laws of love.

    Rachel has clearly been the victim of abuse beyond imagination. Most will skip this article or having watched the video classify her as in urgent need of psychiatric help or a complete nutter, but in reality Rachel is a being of love and has conquered the dark forces through love. Dark forces which sought to destroy her essence and drag her into their dark, dark pit. Congratulations Rachel!

    Now before the Trolls come in with their two penny bit I say to them, remain in the pit you came from.


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